This Two-Step Opt-in Redesign Increased Pat Flynn’s Conversions By 25%

Our Guest:

A well-known entrepreneur, blogger and podcaster, Pat Flynn owns several businesses including Smart Passive Income. As the creator of Smart Passive Income, Pat leads by example to help his audience build authentic online businesses. Pat calls himself the “crash test dummy” of marketing because he is constantly testing new tactics to increase his numbers, and then sharing his results with his audience.

What You’ll Learn:

  • An opt-in strategy that goes against everything you’ve ever heard about online business.
  • Why it’s crucial to keep testing and fine-tuning, even when you already have a successful product.
  • How to shift the focus of your design to encourage people to offer their information, instead of asking them to give it to you.

Who Was Mentioned:

Smart Passive Income



  • Pat, love the “going against what you know” to find something that works even better. Have tried the two step opt-in as well and find it works well.

    • I think that was my favorite part of this – Pat wasn’t afraid to try something new and potentially scary – and because of that, he got such an awesome result. I LOVE two step opt-ins.

  • AWrightDISQ

    I just listened to this podcast, and first of the all the quality of the podcast is excellent. Most importantly, I can really see how investigating using a 2 step opt in process for my blog is well worth trying. So I have posted a question to you guys at Lead Pages to help me set this up. I am looking forward to listening to all of the Podcasts!!

    • Thanks so much! I take that as a huge compliment regarding the quality. As far as the 2 step opt in – our support is unbelievable and I’m sure they’ll help really quickly. Can’t wait to see how it goes for you!

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  • Thanks for the advice Pat and we do need to bring someone in to give us a different perspective with our blog!