The Exact Tactic KISSmetrics Used to Crush it in Their Webinars

Our Guest:

The iconic brand, KISSmetrics has some of the most powerful insights into what’s happening in your business. At its core, is a customer analytics tool. KISSmetrics takes all the data from your site or your app and connects it back to the individual person — your specific customer — who is taking those actions in your site. The guest, Lars Lofgren is the Growth Manager at KISSmetrics. He’s directly responsible for converting traffic into leads for the sales team at KISSmetrics .

What You’ll Learn:

  • A fantastic means to convert your registrants to leads before your webinar even starts.
  • How to determine whether an Inside Sales team is the right direction for your business.
  • How to find a dynamite call-to-action that works (and implement it at the right step in the process).

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  • John Yost

    Great podcast here. Excellent webinar registration idea. Is there a link to the page mentioned in the podcast so we can see the changes they made on that?

    • Hey John, thanks so much! We loved the idea too – there are images and everything right in the Insider’s guide. I’m not too sure exactly where on their page it is other than with the image we have. Thanks so much!

  • First podcast I’ve heard. I like it. Thanks for posting.

    • Great to hear Ryan! Thanks for checking it out!