How HubSpot Increased Conversions By as Much as 300% on Their Landing Pages

Our Guest:

As a company, delivers a marketing platform for businesses that are looking to improve their inbound marketing. Specifically, Hubspot’s clients want to find and convert more potential customers online through their content. The guest, Ellie Mirman is the Inbound Funnel Manager at HubSpot. Ellie’s team specifically focuses on the distribution of HubSpot content and the conversion of visitors into leads.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How simple changes to your design and layout can provide tremendous results.
  • The power of testing drastic changes — and how they can produce dramatic results.
  • The steps you can take to fine tune and optimize your own opt-in strategies.

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  • It would be nice to see links to some of the Hubspot landing pages that Ellie was discussing.

    • Hey Tom! Awesome call… if you click the button above to download the Insider’s Guide — images and links are in there. Thanks again!

  • Margaret Agard

    Hubspot uses Leadpages? I’m not sure I understand how the two are different. Leadpages provides analytics of particular pages? And Hubspot tracks visitor engagement?

    • Hi Margaret! In this case, they’re talking about a landing page they created — it’s not really related to LeadPages, we just wanted to share their great results. To learn all about LeadPages, check this video out: — thanks!