From Heyo: Six Simple Steps To Dominate on Facebook — Including How They Generated 862 Leads & 2,000 Fans

Note: Download the images of the Facebook landing page that generated 582 new opt ins — Click Here To Download The Images.


Our Guest:

Nathan Latka is the founder and CEO of Heyo — which is a social marketing platform designed to help upper level marketers and solopreneurs to achieve high conversions on Facebook. They’ve got a massive focus on getting results for their customers and have a ton of data surrounding what works on Facebook.

A Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • How to avoid getting your entire Facebook account deleted when posting a contest.
  • The exact placement of the best converting elements of a contest landing page.
  • Why giving away an iPad could cost you subscribers.

To See This Tactic In Action:

Click Here To See The Template — It’s broken down into the individual elements so you can start dominating on Facebook right away.yellow button

To See The Transcript:

Listen To Dominate on Facebook:

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  • Scott Rawcliffe

    Thanks guys, this was awesome!!

    • nathanlatka1

      Thanks Scott! Glad you enjoyed 🙂

    • Fantastic! I love hearing that. Have you used FB contests yet?

  • Dale Henning

    This was GREAT advice…and Nathan – I loved the handyman example….contractors are my target market!

    • Perfect! So glad to hear it. When are you going to do your next contest?

      • Dale Henning

        I build software for contractors and I keep getting asked to help with their Facebook lead gen efforts…I’m going to try the tactics outlined here on a few that are waiting for my help. Thanks again!

        • nathanlatka1

          Thank you for the kind words Dale!

  • James Hayward

    Really enjoyed this – actually took action and think I have followed everything to the tee. But not yielding any results yet. Any suggestions on how to fire it up..

    • I think Nathan can chime in here — but how long ago did you set it up? And how have you been promoting it?

      • James Hayward

        Thanks Tim – been running since Wednesday and have set it up to run for one week only … To give a Sense of urgency. Using some Facebook advertising as well to promote. Will promote again on our Facebook page to hopefully get some more action!

  • Chris Von Wilpert

    Nathan is a BOSS! For a page with 0 likes, how would you suggest getting those first few likes from your target audience (facebook ads or another tactic)? If facebook ads, what specific type of facebook ad works best to just get the promotion kicked off?

  • LOVED this episode! What a great way to get people excited and involved in a contest. I love that Heyo has already done the extensive research to show which format works best for a contest. Definitely giving this a try as we launch our podcast and website on June 10th! Thanks again for this! ~ Beth Anne