Flowers Across Melbourne: Can Great Copywriting Be Bad For Business?


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Our Guest:

Rob Lambert is the owner and founder of Flowers Across Melbourne (, which is a digital flower shop that serves the Melbourne area in Australia. Rob also does all the website management and marketing, while testing conversions online.

A Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • How Copy Can Affect Sales Negatively In Certain Industries Online
  • How To Position Copy Appropriately To Optimize Sales
  • Why A Professional Copywriter Isn’t Necessary For Certain Online Goods

To See This Tactic In Action:

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To See The Transcript: 

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  • Jeremy Hall

    Very interesting. I think cafe owners, restaurants, retail stores, and more with a visual clientele ought to test to see if more pics and less “pro” copy boosts their conversions. I know it has worked with a retail client of mine. For example, Pics of her t-shirts are converting like gangbusters. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Jeremy, this is an awesome point — I think a lot of it has to do with what the business is promoting. Better copy may still convert, but it’s worth testing.

  • Shanika Journey

    Actually, it sounded like the copywriter didn’t understand that specific market and its customers. He/she sounded like applied the “one size fits all” approach toward the copy – which is a HUGE no-no altogether. It sounded like no research was done on the copywriter’s part to determine if anything needed to be changed for the product description on the site. To see what was already acceptable and working online and offline as well.

    I’ve never known flower lovers to be readers either. They are more picture driven. So I’m not surprised with what Rob said. I’m sorry he had a not great experience with the copywriter. But at least he tested everything to figure it out.

    • Shanika, I agree here. The copy was obviously well written, but it’s very possible that either the audience 1) didn’t read it or 2) didn’t connect with it.

  • Another great podcast sharing great results. Can Rob try another copywriter to see if he gets the same results?

    • Thanks Angelo! Yeah I’d definitely love to see if he gets similar results.