What it Took for Ezra Firestone to Triple His Conversion Rate On A High Ticket Offer Overnight

Our Guest:

Ezra Firestone has an extremely dedicated following he has cultivated at SmartMarketer.com. He focuses on three parts to his business: physical product ecommerce stores, monetizing his blog and information community, and a services agency where he does design and development primarily for physical product business owners. He also hosts a podcast called Think, Act, Get, which focuses on mindset enhancement.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why you should be confident that the product you’re offering is actually improving the lives of your audience.
  • How extremely targeted visibility can have a gigantic impact on conversion rates.
  • The benefits of creating a low-pressure upselling situation and letting your customer make the decision to buy on their own terms.

Who Was Mentioned:


Think, Act, Get



  • Omg this has really got me thinking about how I can use survey like Ezra does!

    • That’s awesome… It’s exactly why we do the show! Thanks Heidi!

  • Hi @tpaigejr2:disqus I would love to see the checkout page that he mentions with the survey on it. Is there anyway that those can be visible in these posts? I downloaded the booklet that says “Now you can get access to all the results we have revealed here at ConversionCast” … but the result from this podcast wasn’t inside of it. Where can I download the shows?

    • That’s a great question, Clay. We’re working on making sure the booklet is updated, so you’ll be able to have access to an updated booklet for each episode. Sorry for the delay!

  • Great episode. It was cool to hear Ezra talk about what worked and the differences between his eCommerce conversions and info product conversions.

    I have one suggestion – can you please add an image to your posts so that I can pin them on Pinterest? I’ve pinned the logo already. I’m guessing you have something in the works already but I just wanted to give you some feedback.


    • Hi Ileane! Thanks so much for the positive words! As for images, that’s something we’ll definitely have to consider. Thanks so much for the feedback as well!

  • Go Ezra!! You’re 1 cool mofo! Great tips as always man. Looking forward to catching with you in Sydney next week = )

    • Greg, you’re the man! Thanks so much for stopping over!

      • I’t my pleasure Tim. This podcast is now one of my faves. I’m learning so many golden tips to implement in my business, thanks!! I’m looking forward to the Conversion Cast T-Shirt =)

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