Announcing: The LeadPages Consulting Program

I’m happy to announce something we’ve been excited about for a very long time: our new hands-on consulting program that guarantees you’ll double your investment.

How does this program work?

We assign to you a world class digital marketing coach who will work with you to fine tune every aspect of your business.

We’ll consult with you one on one to improve your entire sales funnel.

That includes …

  • Defining, evaluating, and improving your offer
  • Reviewing your copy and optimizing it for improved conversions
  • Evaluating your imagery to ensure it works seamlessly with your brand, copy, offer and conversion goals
  • Conversion-optimizing your calls to action
  • Mapping out your funnels from top to bottom and then building them out with you

All in all, we’ll help you with four parts of your business:

1. Converting internet browsers into visitors to your site

2. Converting your website traffic into leads

3. Converting your leads into customers

4. Converting your customers into repeat buyers

We’ll also help you collect the right metrics, help you develop a meaningful business dashboard, and ensure you’re looking at the right signals in your business. And then we’ll develop strategies that will have a direct impact on the bottom line of your business.

With this in mind …

We Want to Make You a Revolutionary Offer

I consider this program “done with you” business growth consulting. Its value comes from a perfect combination of 1-on-1 coaching and the tools and resources you need to implement your coach’s advice. This program serves as a huge accelerant for your current business growth.

Here’s everything you’re getting when you decide to work with us (as of April 29, 2016):

  • Three months of “done with you” coaching with one of our highly trained business coaches. This includes regular phone or Skype conversations at a time that’s convenient for you. During each session, your coach will join forces with you to focus on rapidly increasing your business’s profits. Your progress is self-paced, so you can cover more ground if you’re motivated or spend more time on certain subjects that are giving you trouble.
  • Unlimited follow-up with your coach between sessions. Your coach will be available for you via email or Voxer (voice messaging), so you can get your most pressing questions answered quickly.

We want your business to have the marketing firepower you need to propel your business to new heights, which is why we’re also including 3 ultra-valuable bonuses:

  • A Credit Towards 3 Months of LeadPages Pro ($237 value): After you join we’ll credit your account so you can upgrade to the Pro version of the software.
  • LeadPages Certification Program ($1,995 value): This is the premier certification for anyone who is serious about results-driven marketing. Earning this certification places you at the top of your field and proves that you possess a deep understanding of how to create a robust online marketing strategy.
  • A Ticket to the 2016 Converted Conference ($500 value): You’ll also get a ticket to the second annual Converted conference, where you’ll spend 2 transformative days absorbing cutting-edge marketing ideas and insider tips from some of the world’s best marketers.

Double Your Coaching Investment in 90 Days … Guaranteed.

We want to ensure that you’re successful.

This is why we’re making such a bold promise.

More specifically …

If after working with us you don’t feel that you’ve received value of at least double what you paid to join (as a direct result of working with us), we’ll gladly work with you for free until you get there.

Quite frankly, I’m confident we can do more for your business than just doubling your investment.

Here’s What to Do Next

First, before you make a commitment, let’s connect so we can give you a free sample of what it will be like to work together.

If you find the conversation informative, then we’d be happy to discuss the next steps to becoming a client.

Here’s how to get started …

First, click the button at the bottom of this page to connect (for free) with one of our trained marketing coaches.

One of our coaches will reach out to you via email to set up a time for a quick chat.

We’ll figure out exactly what you’re doing in your business now, what you’re selling, and what your funnel looks like. Next, we’ll listen and help you create realistic and attainable goals.

In other words, we’ll help you start building a plan to achieve your goals and grow your business.

There are two options at the end of the conversation: you can either choose to implement this plan on your own, or you can become a client and we’ll work with you to make this plan a reality.

Unfortunately, We Can’t Offer This Program to Everyone

We’d love to be able to work with every single client that’s serious about growing their business. But our resources are limited, and we want to devote as much attention as we can to clients to assure their success. Therefore, we will be selective in choosing clients for this program.

We have a couple of criteria we require of all new clients:

1. We will only work with legitimate businesses that sell high-quality products and services. If your product or service is providing substantial, tangible value to happy customers, then let’s talk.

2. We will only work with businesses that already have some traction. No, you certainly don’t need to be making millions to apply for our coaching program. However, if you’re starting from scratch, or don’t believe in investing both time and money in your business success, then this consulting program isn’t right for you.

If your business meets both of these criteria, and you’re looking to dramatically grow your leads and sales over the next 60 days, then I encourage you to have a no-pressure conversation with us.

As of right now, all of the initial coaching call spots have been booked. But we’ll be scheduling more in the coming weeks, so I encourage you to click below and get on the list if you’re interested.

Click the button below to be notified as soon as new coaching call appointments are available: