Sub-Accounts: The Easiest Way to Organize Multiple Leadpages Accounts


Whether you’re wrangling landing pages for your clients, multiple brick-and-mortar locations, or your growing marketing team, sub-accounts is the way to stay organized (and sane).

While Leadpages sub-accounts isn’t a new feature, it continues to be one of our most useful for those who need more than one account for making landing pages, creating lead magnets, and building their business.

Tune into the video above or keep reading to learn how sub-accounts can help your business stay organized.

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Landing Page Roundup: Our Top 10 Favorite Pages from July 2017

10 of the Best Landing Pages We Saw in July 2017

Landing pages get a lot of their punch from their sense of focus.

Peel away elaborate navigation menus, distracting widgets, and all the stuff that just has to be there on a standard webpage—and you’re often left with a clearer, more powerful message. For visitors, that often leads to a quicker decision.

But if the best individual landing pages often do just one thing, landing pages as a category can do… well, all sorts of things.

They don’t only capture leads (though they do an excellent job of that).

They can also drum up clients, promote events, celebrate milestones, fill up wait lists, book appointments, maybe even replace your business card.

And that’s just a handful of interesting uses the landing page creators in this month’s roundup have discovered.

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6 Health & Fitness Experts Flex Their Conversion Marketing Muscles (and How You Can, Too)

conversion marketing, health and fitness, playbook

Gain More Fitness Clients with the Conversion Marketing Playbook: Health & Fitness

We believe any business—from solopreneur venture to Fortune 500 company—can benefit from strategic conversion marketing. The tactics essential to conversion marketing can be used to nurture and inform prospective customers through your entire funnel.

A few months ago, we decided to create new resources that could help people find success with conversion marketing no matter what industry they are in.

With guides specific to your industry, there’s no guessing what may or may not work for you. We’ll only give you tips that have been proven to work in your field.

Our very first guide is now here; the Conversion Marketing Playbook: Health & Fitness.

Inside, six health and fitness experts share their top tips for how they use conversion marketing to fuel their businesses.

Whether you’re a trainer, gym owner, nutritionist, or health and fitness enthusiast, this playbook will tell you how conversion marketing is what your fitness business needs to earn more clients.

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Guest Post: Need to Write Sales Copy But Hate Sounding “Salesy?” Try Selling Through Storytelling

How to Write Better Sales Copy Through Storytelling

Editor’s Note: We’re pleased to present this guest post from Melissa Williams, a Conversion Marketing Certified copywriter and the founder of Brand Meets Copy. Today, Melissa’s sharing the methods she uses to help her clients create authentic, actionable copy for their sales landing pages and beyond.

* * *

When it comes to writing sales copy, do you freeze up?

Maybe you don’t know what to say (or what not to say) when it comes to selling your stuff. You see a bunch of super salesy messages all around you and you start to worry that your marketing will be too “salesy” as well.

If that describes you, you’re not alone! Many well-meaning business owners end up scaring off some of their best potential customers because once their laptop comes out, so does the snake oil. Or, conversely, they’re so afraid to write the wrong thing that their sales copy fails to make any impression at all.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a way to sell your stuff without sounding sleazy or using ridiculous amounts of hype—and it doesn’t take a communications degree or 10 billion hours of practice to get it right.

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