9 Easy Copywriting Tips for Entrepreneurs Who Hate Writing

9 easy copywriting tips

If you find it difficult (or on the rough days, borderline impossible) to write for your business, fear not—you’re not alone.

Earlier this month, I discussed how daunting writing can feel when you add it to the pile of other things you juggle as a business owner and entrepreneur. One way to make it more manageable is to break the task down into smaller pieces, so I shared the five steps we use at Leadpages to create high converting landing page copy at high speed.

But even with a framework for easily creating solid landing page copy in hand, there’s still one hard thing you need to do: get started.

For those of us who’ve gone months, days, or even years with a sense of dread at the idea of writing emails, blog posts, sales letters, or landing pages for our businesses, it’s time we reframe writing in our minds. We must stand up to the copywriting monster under our beds and say, “No more!”

Because writing good landing page copy isn’t just important—it’s essential. The way you talk to your audience either makes them want to learn more or it pushes them away. That’s the difference between a successful conversion and a page bounce…

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18 Neat Things You Can Do in Leadpages’ New Drag & Drop Builder (and 14 More That Are Coming Soon)

Last month, we released a huge new product development: a drag-and-drop landing page builder. Though it’s still in early-access mode, we’ve been floored by both the response we’ve gotten from our members and—already—by the innovative pages they’ve built with it.

If you haven’t had a chance to explore the new landing page builder, what you might not realize is that it’s not just a drag-and-drop replacement for our existing landing page templates (which you can still use, by the way).

You can also do some pretty neat things you haven’t been able to do with Leadpages before. Some are fundamental to the platform, some are cool perks, and some just make your marketing run a little smoother.

In every case, the drag-and-drop builder’s features have been strongly influenced by requests from Leadpages users. Spend half an hour with our product team and you’ll realize just how strongly: even after laying out the product roadmap, they’re continually adjusting priorities and rollout schedules to deliver the things our customers tell us they need most.

Because of that, I won’t be sharing exact timelines in this post—but I do want to give you a preview of some additional exciting developments coming down the line. Read on for 18 things you can do in Leadpages’ drag-and-drop page builder right now, and 14 more that we’re working on rolling out in the months to come.

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5 Steps to the Best Landing Page Copy You’ve Ever Written

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I’m a writer, both by education and by trade.

I have an English degree with a creative writing emphasis … and I have a very embarrassing fact to share with you.


It took me two and a half days to write out a first sentence for this post.

I know what you’re thinking: “Really? It took you two days to write that? It’s not even all that magical or interesting! What were you doing for two days?!”

The simple answer is: I had an awful case of blank page syndrome. I started and restarted; wrote and deleted. I broke focus and diverted my attention to other tasks that felt more pressing … Like trying to curate the perfect mood playlist on Spotify that I was certain would make the words flow from my fingertips!

We all know that writing good copy for our businesses is important—but that doesn’t necessarily make it any easier. The truth is: if you want your landing page to really work—if you want better results and more conversions—your landing page copy has to be good.

Not perfect. Not incredible. Not even great. It just needs to be good.

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Good copy creates clarity in a world of short attention spans. It positions any business owner as an intelligent expert, and it helps your prospects know exactly what you have to offer, and then tells them how to go seize it.

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Steal These Lead-Gen Shortcuts from 8 Inventive Campaigns

It seems like anytime I get deep in conversation with a coworker at Leadpages, I end up learning something totally unexpected about them.

Like that they had a whole other career (or two) before doing what they do now. Or they’ve developed extraordinarily deep expertise in a different industry through consulting. Or they’re using the marketing knowledge they’ve developed at Leadpages to help a family member get a business off the ground.

No matter how different the paths that took these people to Leadpages, one thing always becomes clear in these conversations: they’re united in their endless curiosity and drive to figure out how Leadpages can help business owners in their area of interest generate more leads and grow faster.

The Build My Business series lets them explore that question by creating start-to-finish digital marketing campaigns for a fictional (but plausible) business of their choice. In each Build My Business post, an in-house expert or hobbyist chooses a business, a goal, and a digital-marketing-driven way to get there.

There’s just one thing you might have missed, even if you’ve read some of these posts. Many of the marketing tactics inside don’t just work for the business model being considered. They have the potential to make digital marketing a lot easier for a wide variety of businesses. Today, I’m taking a look at some of the coolest and most widely applicable ways we’ve found to make the path between site visitor and lead—or lead and customer—much shorter.

If you think of every eventual customer’s story as a journey to conversion, these are the little workarounds that shave a couple miles off that journey.

To see how these tactics fit into a larger marketing strategy, you’ll want to download our Build My Business Mega-Pack, which includes things like campaign diagrams, landing page templates, and resource sheets for the campaigns referenced in this post. Get the free collection here:

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Which of these 8 ideas could get leads into your database and customers through your door a little faster?

1. Shorten the Path from … Coupon Clipper to Customer

The shortcut: An effortless virtual coupon sequence

What you need to steal it: A service-based business, a LeadPages account, and an online appointment booking system

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