Why We’re Betting Big on Mobile SMS Marketing (and a Sneak Peek at Our Newest Product)

Two hours and 46 minutes per day.

That’s the average amount of time Americans spend on mobile devices, according to mobile analytics platform Flurry. (And the rest of the world isn’t too far behind.)

We’re seemingly inseparable from those little rectangles we hold in our pockets — yet many businesses are still ignoring the huge opportunity this inseparability creates: mobile marketing.

Most likely, you’re already aware that it’s important to create a smooth mobile experience for your prospects. This means having things like a mobile-responsive website that’s easy to navigate, and mobile-responsive landing pages (something we’ve always created at LeadPages™).

But the opportunity you may be missing involves a different aspect of mobile — SMS text message marketing.

SMS text message marketing is a powerful way to get potential customers to do things like opt-in to your email list or register for a webinar all by sending a simple text message, rather than opting in on a web form.

This opens up an entire new channel for potential customers to interact with your business. And what’s more powerful than allowing potential customers to engage with your business on the device they’re already connected to more than any other throughout the day?

That’s why LeadPages™ is only a few days away from releasing a new mobile SMS marketing tool that will allow you to tap into this much-discussed but often overlooked marketing channel.

But before we show you what that tool is (don’t worry, we’ll get to that), let’s take a minute to set the record straight on what exactly mobile SMS marketing is, and how you can harness it to generate leads in a completely new way. Read more “Why We’re Betting Big on Mobile SMS Marketing (and a Sneak Peek at Our Newest Product)”

Yearly Review: Looking Back at the Biggest LeadPages™ Updates of 2014 (and a Sneak Peek of What’s to Come in 2015)

A year ago, LeadPages™ was less than half the size it is today.

We had less than 15,000 customers, and our entire company could still meet around one table.

Fast forward 12 months and things look a little different.

Not only have we more than doubled our customer base to 30,000+, we also more than tripled the size of our company, going from ~30 employees to 90+ now.

In fact, this December we officially moved our company headquarters from a coworking space to a completely remodeled, 17,000 square foot office in downtown Minneapolis.

LeadPages Office
Welcome to the new LeadPages™ office, the perfect place to build exciting new things…
…and to play, of course.

We don’t mention these things to toot our own horn. We mention them for one reason — to let you know that we’re just getting started.

In 2015, we plan on bringing you even more than we did in 2014. That means:

  • More first-of-their-kind features and tools for rapidly growing your business
  • More first-class training webinars, workshops, and courses
  • More expansions to our amazing team (maybe you’re one of them?)

To give you an idea of where we’re going, let’s take a look back at where we’ve been. Below, you’ll find a complete list of everything we released in 2014.

And at the end of this post, you just might find a few hints at what’s coming up in the next few months. Read more “Yearly Review: Looking Back at the Biggest LeadPages™ Updates of 2014 (and a Sneak Peek of What’s to Come in 2015)”

[Feature Update] Get New Leads Delivered Right to Your Inbox with “Lead Notifications”

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Check out the internet's easiest to use lead generation tool. Create 100s of landing pages without touching a line of code.

In today’s video, I want to quickly show you a much requested feature we just released inside of LeadPages and that is the lead notification option and integration settings. This new feature gives you an entirely new way to collect leads using LeadPages plus makes it easier than ever to get up and running with LeadPages in minutes whether you have an email service provider or not. Read more “[Feature Update] Get New Leads Delivered Right to Your Inbox with “Lead Notifications””

[Big Update] LeadBoxes Are Now More Customizable Than Ever

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Here at LeadPages when we or our customers achieve significant split test results we often take these winning variations and build them back into the default versions of our landing pages, which you can then customize, however you like. A couple of weeks ago, we released the new LeadPages builder. With this new release, we built two-step opt-in processes right into the landing page builder. So for example this template was once a one-step opt-in but now it defaults to a two-step opt-in out of the box because we found two-step opt-ins work best across the board. In fact, we saw a relative 30% increase in conversions by using a two-step opt-in. We’ve written extensively about why two-step opt-ins work so well so we built that right into our landing pages.  Read more “[Big Update] LeadBoxes Are Now More Customizable Than Ever”