[Case Study] The Lead Generation Strategy That Doubled Trial Signups for Sales App Spiro

The Lead Generation for SaaS Strategy That Doubled Spiro's Trial Signups

Adam Honig spends much of his time and energy at the point where marketing automation and human sales talent meet.

He’s the cofounder and CEO of Spiro, an app that helps salespeople close more deals by automatically feeding them opportunities from their inboxes and calendars. That way, they spend more time talking to prospects and less time struggling with their CRM.

When you’re in the SaaS business yourself, you’re not going to settle for sales and marketing software that’s anything but elegant and effective. Adam has made a habit of seeking out powerful digital marketing tools and using them to build on Spiro’s success month after month.

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18+ Neat Things You Can Do in Leadpages’ New Drag & Drop Builder

Update: Most of the “coming soon” features we mentioned are now live—scroll down to see which ones we’ve added since this was first published in April 2016.

Last month, we released a huge new product development: a drag-and-drop landing page builder. Though it’s still in early-access mode, we’ve been floored by both the response we’ve gotten from our members and—already—by the innovative pages they’ve built with it.

If you haven’t had a chance to explore the new landing page builder, what you might not realize is that it’s not just a drag-and-drop replacement for our existing landing page templates (which you can still use, by the way).

You can also do some pretty neat things you haven’t been able to do with Leadpages before. Some are fundamental to the platform, some are cool perks, and some just make your marketing run a little smoother.

In every case, the drag-and-drop builder’s features have been strongly influenced by requests from Leadpages users. Spend half an hour with our product team and you’ll realize just how strongly: even after laying out the product roadmap, they’re continually adjusting priorities and rollout schedules to deliver the things our customers tell us they need most.

Because of that, I won’t be sharing exact timelines in this post—but I do want to give you a preview of some additional exciting developments coming down the line. Read on for 18 things you can do in Leadpages’ drag-and-drop page builder right now, and 14 more that we’re working on rolling out in the months to come.

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Steal These Lead-Gen Shortcuts from 8 Inventive Campaigns

It seems like anytime I get deep in conversation with a coworker at Leadpages, I end up learning something totally unexpected about them.

Like that they had a whole other career (or two) before doing what they do now. Or they’ve developed extraordinarily deep expertise in a different industry through consulting. Or they’re using the marketing knowledge they’ve developed at Leadpages to help a family member get a business off the ground.

No matter how different the paths that took these people to Leadpages, one thing always becomes clear in these conversations: they’re united in their endless curiosity and drive to figure out how Leadpages can help business owners in their area of interest generate more leads and grow faster.

The Build My Business series lets them explore that question by creating start-to-finish digital marketing campaigns for a fictional (but plausible) business of their choice. In each Build My Business post, an in-house expert or hobbyist chooses a business, a goal, and a digital-marketing-driven way to get there.

There’s just one thing you might have missed, even if you’ve read some of these posts. Many of the marketing tactics inside don’t just work for the business model being considered. They have the potential to make digital marketing a lot easier for a wide variety of businesses. Today, I’m taking a look at some of the coolest and most widely applicable ways we’ve found to make the path between site visitor and lead—or lead and customer—much shorter.

If you think of every eventual customer’s story as a journey to conversion, these are the little workarounds that shave a couple miles off that journey.

To see how these tactics fit into a larger marketing strategy, you’ll want to download our Build My Business Mega-Pack, which includes things like campaign diagrams, landing page templates, and resource sheets for the campaigns referenced in this post. Get the free collection here:

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Which of these 8 ideas could get leads into your database and customers through your door a little faster?

1. Shorten the Path from … Coupon Clipper to Customer

The shortcut: An effortless virtual coupon sequence

What you need to steal it: A service-based business, a LeadPages account, and an online appointment booking system

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Leadboxes® Roundup: Our Top 10 Favorite Leadboxes from March 2016

There’s a bit of a paradox at the heart of most great marketing.

Generally, a marketing asset that really works—whether it’s as big as a halftime commercial or as small as the message on a pop-up form—has two key qualities:

a) It fits perfectly into its context.


b) It’s a little unexpected.

You see it, something about it surprises you a bit at first, and then it all clicks.

It’s a little like a good joke. The pieces come together in a totally satisfying way, but they didn’t necessarily come to you all at once.

That’s a lofty standard for a humble pop-up form, for sure. But regardless of the challenge, most of the 10 best Leadboxes we saw this month all contain a pinch of the unexpected while also fitting right into the context of the pages they appear on.

To pull it off, they make clever use of copy, color, and, especially, images. Those can be tough to come by when you need something quick and high-quality for a Leadbox, so we put together something special for readers of this post.

When you click below, you’ll get a free pack of 65+ icons and mini-illustrations to use royalty-free. From consulting to law to real estate, you’ll find solid and multicolor images ready to be added to your Leadboxes, landing pages, or any other asset you have (some of which we’ve never released on the blog before). Grab the pack here:

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