[Case Study] How One Marketing Agency Uses LeadPages® to Get Its Clients Leads—and Make Them Very Happy

“We don’t just want to drive leads for our clients, we want to create customers for them.”

It’s this kind of thinking that has propelled the success of Loud Rumor, a digital marketing agency based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Mike and Marjon Arce founded Loud Rumor as a web design company in 2009 before transforming it into a full-service digital marketing agency in late 2012. Their specialty: getting web traffic—and, ultimately, foot traffic—to small local businesses.

Their client roster includes plenty of doctors, dentists, and other services-focused businesses, and more recently they’ve begun to concentrate on one niche in particular: boutique fitness studios that specialize in disciplines such as boxing, kickboxing, Zumba, barre fitness, and CrossFit.

It’s often difficult to break into a new market, but Loud Rumor has been able to serve this industry remarkably well from the start by helping clients do something that’s not always easy for fitness businesses. That is, consistently generate leads online.

When Loud Rumor’s Director of Marketing, Sarah Louise, reached out to us to share the lead-gen results they were getting for one of these clients, I jumped at the chance to interview her about the process they’d created, and how LeadPages® fits into it.

It all starts with one acronym: FLAVER.

To see exactly what it means—and how you can use it in your fitness or other service-based business—download Loud Rumor’s infographic here:


A Winning Lead-Gen Formula: The Fit FLAVER Program

Loud Rumor wields an impressive marketing toolkit. They’re well-versed in using tactics like local SEO, Facebook advertising, Google AdWords, email marketing, video marketing, and landing pages to get leads and sales for their clients.

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[Case Study] PowToon Uses LeadPages® to Take Control of Its Own Marketing and Convert More Customers

How PowToon Uses LeadPages®

“The most valuable resource we have today is attention.” That’s the guiding philosophy of Ari Sherbill and of PowToon, where Ari is vice president of business development.

Founded in 2012, PowToon makes it easy for anyone to create fun, animated marketing videos and presentations using drag-and-drop software. Major companies including Cisco and Starbucks number among their 7 million users. Ari’s explanation for PowToon’s success is simple: “If you have a message, and you want to make it more engaging, animated, fun, and use your own branding, it’s a really easy way to create engaging content.”

Here’s one of PowToon’s own ‘toons:

But even a wildly popular product needs great marketing to support it in the long run. And initially, PowToon was having trouble creating digital marketing assets as compelling and effective as they product they were intended to sell.

To find out how they fixed that problem and get a behind-the-scenes look at the anatomy of a successful PowToon marketing campaign, download our infographic below:


Before LeadPages®

PowToon knew that landing pages were important from the get-go. But with a team of just 15 people scattered as far apart as London and Tel Aviv, they didn’t initially think they had the resources and knowledge to create them in-house.

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Case Study: Publicity Consultant Uses Webinars and LeadPages® to Power Two 5-Figure Product Launches in 6 Months

Back in 2001, Nancy Juetten decided she no longer wanted to “live a life of quiet desperation,” as she puts it now. That life primarily consisted of getting up early, getting her son ready for daycare, and putting in long hours at her publicity job at a large firm, only to repeat the process in reverse. By the time she got home, she “felt like a zombie.”

So with years of experience in the publicity field, Nancy struck out on her own. She decided to focus on helping people and businesses affected by the recession better market themselves. Nancy knew that, in a tight economy, her clients’ best hope was to differentiate themselves from the competition—and that she had the skills to help them do just that.

To set her own business apart from the competition, Nancy first needed to gain a bigger audience. In order to do this, Nancy began blogging and creating landing pages in WordPress to build her email list. Over the course of a decade, through her online presence and other efforts, she steadily built an email list of more than 25,000 contacts.

As a publicity guru, she didn’t have much trouble making connections. But when it came time to take the next step—reach new audiences and launch higher-end products and services—Nancy was stymied. She knew that one promising strategy would be to start running joint-venture webinars (that is, webinars co-hosted and co-promoted with another expert in a related field). But as an independent consultant, she was a bit of an unknown quantity, and she didn’t have the data to demonstrate how effective a partner she could be.

To try part of the solution she discovered for yourself, download our free Webinar Funnel Marketing System course—then read on for the details of Nancy’s success strategy.

Before LeadPages®

Initially, whenever Nancy wanted to create a landing page for a lead magnet or an event, she had to rely on her virtual assistant to build landing pages in WordPress. She didn’t love having to rely on someone else to build simple pages, but what really bothered her was the fact that she and her VA found themselves “re-creating landing pages in the dark.”

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[Case Study] Real Estate Agent Wins $20,000 Lead-Gen Prize by a Landslide with LeadPages®

“If there was a lifetime subscription (for LeadPages), I would have already purchased that.” – John Pohly

How often do you get a real shot at winning $20,000?

In 2014, John Pohly, a real estate agent and solopreneur from Austin, Texas, was presented with an opportunity of a lifetime. His employer, Keller Williams Realty, set up a contest: the agent who got the most potential leads to download the Keller Williams mobile app would win a grand prize of $20,000.

As a real estate and lead-generation veteran, John wasn’t lacking in confidence or ability. But he knew winning wouldn’t be easy.

For one thing, he’d be competing against 100,000 other Keller Williams agents.

For another, Keller Williams had set up a somewhat cumbersome download process. In order for the agent to be credited with the download, each lead would have to enter in the agent’s unique—and very lengthy—alphanumeric code following the download.
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