Case Study: Publicity Consultant Uses Webinars and LeadPages® to Power Two 5-Figure Product Launches in 6 Months

Back in 2001, Nancy Juetten decided she no longer wanted to “live a life of quiet desperation,” as she puts it now. That life primarily consisted of getting up early, getting her son ready for daycare, and putting in long hours at her publicity job at a large firm, only to repeat the process in reverse. By the time she got home, she “felt like a zombie.”

So with years of experience in the publicity field, Nancy struck out on her own. She decided to focus on helping people and businesses affected by the recession better market themselves. Nancy knew that, in a tight economy, her clients’ best hope was to differentiate themselves from the competition—and that she had the skills to help them do just that.

To set her own business apart from the competition, Nancy first needed to gain a bigger audience. In order to do this, Nancy began blogging and creating landing pages in WordPress to build her email list. Over the course of a decade, through her online presence and other efforts, she steadily built an email list of more than 25,000 contacts.

As a publicity guru, she didn’t have much trouble making connections. But when it came time to take the next step—reach new audiences and launch higher-end products and services—Nancy was stymied. She knew that one promising strategy would be to start running joint-venture webinars (that is, webinars co-hosted and co-promoted with another expert in a related field). But as an independent consultant, she was a bit of an unknown quantity, and she didn’t have the data to demonstrate how effective a partner she could be.

To try part of the solution she discovered for yourself, download our free Webinar Funnel Marketing System course—then read on for the details of Nancy’s success strategy.

Before LeadPages®

Initially, whenever Nancy wanted to create a landing page for a lead magnet or an event, she had to rely on her virtual assistant to build landing pages in WordPress. She didn’t love having to rely on someone else to build simple pages, but what really bothered her was the fact that she and her VA found themselves “re-creating landing pages in the dark.”

The lack of analytics meant they had little to no idea how their pages were performing—a problem in itself, but especially unfortunate when Nancy wanted to gather success metrics to attract bigger names in business coaching to partner with for webinars. (After all, they wanted to increase the size of their audience efficiently, too.)

Without solid data, and with very little experience with the technical aspects of creating landing pages, Nancy wanted to find an easier option that made her success visible at a glance. She’d heard a little about LeadPages®, and especially liked that “LeadPages says that you can have awesome, well-converting LeadPages® without having to write a single line of code. Well, that is the kind of thing that is music to the ears of someone like me. ”

So she decided to give it a shot.

Enter LeadPages®

“When I started using LeadPages® on Christmas Day of 2014, the LeadPage® I created with such lightning speed was converting at 81%. I thought I had found the promised land.” – Nancy Juetten

On Christmas Day of 2014, Nancy created her first LeadPage®. This landing page offered a bio template from her book Bye-Bye Boring Bio as the lead magnet. Nancy knew this was the most popular template in her book based on feedback from her current customers, so she thought it’d be an ideal lead magnet.

page 1

She was right. Almost immediately after launching the page and emailing her list a link, her conversion rate shot up to 81%.

After seeing how easy and effective it was to make landing pages with LeadPages®, she decided to create more. These wouldn’t just be isolated landing pages, though. Nancy mapped out a campaign funnel that would use a series of opt-in pages to get her current contacts to register for a webinar and, ultimately, sign up for the new coaching sessions she wanted to launch. Here’s a diagram of her campaign funnel (click to enlarge):


As soon as leads opted in for the bio template, they’d see a thank-you page with a video and a big button inviting them to register for a webinar on “the three biggest bio blunders even smart business owners make that stop premium clients from hiring them.” Nancy made sure to mention the bonuses she’d be giving away during the webinar as an extra incentive.

But if that wasn’t enough to get her leads to download right away, Nancy had another plan. To nudge the fence-sitters, she’d send two follow-up emails linking to two more landing pages offering lead magnets that further teased the kind of expertise she had to offer: a bio blueprint and a four-page report on getting potential clients to know, like, and trust your business.

Finally, she’d make one more push for webinar signups, directing leads to a LeadPages® webinar registration page. Here’s a snippet:


At the end of the webinar, she’d finally ask for the sale, directing attendees to sign up for her new coaching sessions.

The launch of this new service was a big success: five figures in sales, all from this relatively simple strategy.

New Partnerships and Replicable Success

Having accomplished all this on her own, Nancy had the confidence to approach a much bigger name in the business-coaching business and suggest hosting a joint-venture webinar. She had devised a complex, high-end new product, the Get Known to Get Paid training package, and knew that its success would depend on reaching a larger audience.

Armed with the data that was now accessible to her in LeadPages®, Nancy reached out to business coach Ryan Eliason, whose followers number more than 30,000 on Twitter alone. They struck up a partnership.

To introduce herself to Ryan’s list, Nancy sent out an initial email with a link to her Brilliant Bio Template opt-in page. From there, those leads would go to a thank-you page and then receive just one more email inviting them to sign up for the webinar. Here’s a peek at Nancy’s JV webinar page:

webinar 2

At the end of the webinar, Nancy was able to promote her new Get Known to Get Paid training package—and again, she found plenty of takers. With this webinar alone, she brought in $30,000 in sales.

Plus, she’d launched a product that was 10 times more valuable than anything she’d launched previously.

She had satisfaction of discovering a webinar funnel strategy she could use over and over again.

It was almost icing on the cake that, after marketing to her partner’s list, she now had 22% more email subscribers than she’d started with.


Nancy’s Advice for Your Business

Being an expert in your field doesn’t automatically make you an expert in the technologies needed to market yourself in that field—as Nancy found out when she began creating landing pages. If you sometimes feel that marketing online involves a lot of fumbling in the dark, Nancy has two big pieces of advice:

  • ”If numbers are not your favorite thing, the more you lean into it and learn, the more light you can shine. That’s been a powerful lesson for me with LeadPages®.” For Nancy, the realization that she needed to find and embrace her marketing metrics came from her career-defining tendency to see everything in terms of telling a story.

    Now, “I’m looking at the numbers as a way to tell a story about my progress,” she says. Once she had that insight, Nancy was able to pick out which numbers would best help tell her story to potential partners, then find software that would give her easy access to exactly those numbers.

  • “Take the step to create a LeadPage® that converts, elevate the message for your LeadPage® so you can elevate your results, guide your people to the roses you want them to enjoy, and keep running.” You might notice that Nancy’s landing pages are pretty simple. Her lead magnets draw on knowledge she already has and content she’s developed in the course of creating paid products.

    All she really has to refine for each page is her message—and, of course, that sits firmly within her wheelhouse. Operating with such efficiency means that she can launch new pages, campaigns, and webinars quickly, deliver value to new leads automatically, then move on to the next big thing.

When you have as much inherent strategic savvy as Nancy, what you really need are the tools to help you execute fast—and with LeadPages®, she’s not only up and running. She’s accelerating.

If you’d like to see how you can build webinars like Nancy’s into your own marketing strategy, we have a major resource for you. It’s a 10-module video course called The Webinar Marketing Funnel System, and you can download it free below:

What do you think of Nancy’s strategy? Did any of her tactics surprise you? Tell us in the comments.

  • Niki Rebin

    What an inspiring case study! I love the way you outlined and detailed all the steps necessary for success. Nancy deserves great credit for having the drive and the talent to both grow her business and help so many others along the way.

    • Thank you Niki. Honored by your words.

    • John Nye

      We’re glad you enjoyed it Niki! Hopefully you found some transferable takeaways for yourself!

  • Bravo Nancy. I have been with you from your start and watched you grow and flourish! You set such a powerful example of how determination, dedication, and doing what’s right gets you where you want to go.

  • Kim Clausen

    Great article and case study. Very helpful to see how others are successfully using lead pages templates. I got some good ideas from this info.

    • John Nye

      We’re glad you enjoyed it Kim! What kind of ideas do you have?

    • Hi Kim! Thanks for reading this and commenting. So glad you found it helpful.

  • Debbie Whitlock

    Way to go Nancy! I remember your Christmas day launch and what a journey it’s been. Thank you for sharing Lead Pages with other entrepreneurs and sharing the success you have from using this tool!

    • Thank you Debbie. Yes, it has been quite a journey so far with many more miles still to travel!

  • Wow, I had no idea LeadPages was such a powerful tool! Thanks for outlining the process in such a clear & concise way. Congrats to Nancy in showing us how it’s done and sharing that info here.

    • Thanks Maura … so glad John’s article was so eye-opening for you!

  • EmilyLevy

    Helping your clients think of their metrics as a way to tell a story — what a great idea! It really shows the depth to which you understand your clients’ experience. I’ll be sharing this concept with my clients, and promise to give you credit! In fact, if you have an article where you talk more about that, I’d love to feature it in my newsletter.

    • Daphne Sidor

      Yes, I loved the way Nancy thought about metrics-as-storytelling! It’s a nice way to get past the “math is scary” mental block so many of us have.

    • Hi Emily,

      Thank you for reading and posting. I wonder if you could offer your clients access to this case study as a way to make the point? I think John Nye did a great job writing up this thorough case study.

      Attracting the attention and championship of the BIGGER, MORE INFLUENTIAL JV partners is not always easy. These luminaries have their choice of proven programs to which they can lend their support. That is why HAVING THE PERFORMANCE METRICS at the ready can be so persuasive.

      I have found that others will gladly lift you up as you climb the ladder of success when you can demonstrate that you have a good idea that is is a great fit in service to their tribe that ALSO converts reliably.

      I started with an internal launch — loosely following the Jeff Walker LAUNCH method. Then I followed up with a joint venture with a mid-size partner a few months later. Then I approached a BIG WHALE partner. It was a good step-by-step approach for me to take. My confidence in my numbers and proof behind my program grow with every step I take. Happy to chat more about this if you like. Send me a note and we’ll do that.

      • EmilyLevy

        Thank you, Nancy. Will do.

  • ThrivingExecWoman

    Thank you Nancy! You are a master soulful marketeer and are magical with making words alive! Im in awe of how you transformed my bio from boooring to amazing! Your article above is a definitely an eye-opener! Funnels are a way to go, and Leadpages has amazing tools to get you KLT factor ,fast. Im looking for a template that has video with opt-in button, ebook picture, short bullets description and testimonials! 🙂 Asking for a lot, I know! xx

    • Daphne Sidor

      Have you checked out the E-Book Landing Page Template from Pat Flynn? That should have all the features you’re looking for (plus a few other sections, but you can hide those if you aren’t using them). It’s available in the standard template library.

      Thanks for stopping by to comment!

    • Thank you! If I have learned one thing from my experience with LeadPages over the last year, it is that “Less Copy Often Means Better Conversion.” I’ve done split tests using LeadPages to prove this for myself, and LeadPages has proven it again and again over thousands of page views. Remember, you want to offer just enough information that the visitor KNOWS they want that thing you have created enough to opt in. They can get the REST OF THE STORY in an auto-responder message or follow up video. As my friend Susan Harrow likes to say, “Don’t give them War and Peace when Haiku will do.”

  • Julia Stege

    I’ve had LeadPages for a while but now I see I haven’t been really exploring the potential of this system. Thanks to Nancy who makes lead generation look easy.

    • Daphne Sidor

      She sure does! Love the way our members expand everyone’s idea of what’s possible with LeadPages.

      • Hi Daphne, love the exclamation point to your message!

    • Hi Julia! Thanks for commenting. You can do this, too. I know you can!

  • Mark Porteous

    Nancy you ROCK!
    Thank you for being such a brilliant beacon of light and sharing your insights.

    John did a great job of presenting your strategies.

    • John Nye

      Thank you, Mark! Similar to the dynamic duo of Nancy and LeadPages, I have to give a shout out to Daphne Sidor, as well. She played a big role in this post too!

      • Mark Porteous

        The three of you are quite a team. Well done!

        Nancy is Wonder Woman and LeadPages is her invisible jet.

        • John Nye

          Thanks Mark, we really appreciate it.

    • Thanks Mark!

  • WOW I love this super detailed case study of the famous Nancy Juetten. It’s really cool to see the diagram of each funnel and the steps you took Nancy!

    • Daphne Sidor

      Agreed— we’re delighted that Nancy took the time to share her strategies with us. Thanks for the kind words, Jessica!

    • Thanks for reading this Jessica and commenting!