Landing Page Roundup: Our Top 10 Favorite Pages from March 2017

The best landing pages form a bridge between where visitors are now and where they’d like to be.

They take time to address the reality of the audience’s lives, and then offer them a compelling vision of the future—which, as it happens, that audience can access by clicking the call-to-action button.

Sometimes this simple narrative is explicit. Other times it operates through subtle choices in imagery or language. But once you start looking for it in the highest-converting landing pages, it usually turns up.

See if you can spot this present-reality/possible-future framework in this month’s roundup of the 10 most interesting and effective landing pages we saw in the Leadpages community. Then, take a fresh look at the landing pages you’d like to optimize for your own business. Are there any insights from our Top 10 you can apply?

If so, we’ll try to make it extra easy: we’re giving away free copies of four of the page templates in these posts, so you can edit them and host them on your site. Click below for your free template pack, which includes:

  • Modern Webinar Page
  • Single-Host Webinar Registration Page 2.0
  • Simple Report Squeeze Page
  • Simple Webinar Registration Page

Click Here to Download 4 Free Landing Page Templates

If you already use Leadpages, you can find and use these templates by searching the template library. If you don’t, you’ll need to do enough coding to modify the files for your business (or hand them over to your developer).

Check out what this month’s top landing page creators have built below.


1. Taylor Manning Creative – Periscope 5-Day Challenge Drag & Drop Template


Top-converting landing page

What Stands Out: Just an ordinary 20-something woman sitting in a coffee shop with an iPad—who happens to have built a Facebook group bringing in $10,000/month in revenue. That’s how Taylor Manning presents herself on this simple but wildly effective webinar landing page.

First, she leads with a relatable situation: “My group used to be about 300 people, totally unengaged and making me NO money. Sound familiar?” Then, she expands on the surprising success metrics she calls out in the headline. How did she get from there to here? That’s what visitors have to opt-in to find out.

Click here to make friends with this high-converting page.


2. Susan Hyatt – 2-in-1 Opt-in and Webinar Registration Page


Top-converting landing page

What Stands Out: On this 2-in-1 Opt-in and Webinar Registration Page, Susan Hyatt presents a happy, confident, successful image of herself as a business coach—and then peppers her copy with details that show she’s deeply in touch with prospects who aren’t there yet.

The page’s audience is clear from the headline on down: professionals who need more clients and are on shaky financial ground. Every line of Susan’s copy reflects empathy for this group. She promises to share “my personal ‘money panic story’ from back when I first started my coaching practice” and true stories about “biz owners who made terrible decisions, who went into massive debt, or even went bankrupt, but who managed to turn things around and create thriving businesses in the end.”

With messaging this dialed-in, it’s no wonder this page turned up on our highest-converting page list.


3. Momentum – Modern Webinar Page


Top-converting landing page

What Stands Out: The first two pages in this roundup rely heavily on images of their creators—often a highly effective technique on webinar pages. That said, not everyone has pro-quality photos of themselves on hand, and this webinar page shows that you don’t necessarily need them to get registrants.

A compelling background photo introduces the theme of forward motion, and the countdown timer drives further urgency. Extra little incentives to opt in pop up at every turn. I especially like the strategy of driving webinar signups by making registrations double as entries to win tickets to Momentum’s live events.

Click here to see this motivating webinar page.


4. Scarlet & Gold/The Give Collective – Custom Drag & Drop Page


Top-converting landing page

What Stands Out: Here’s another innovative way to generate leads: band together with some complementary peer businesses, host a joint giveaway, and share the new leads (with full transparency, of course). This high-converting page from Scarlet & Gold and The Give Collective proves that the formula works.

The giveaway prize is a gift card, so The Give Collective uses a big, beautiful photo of sample products from the different sponsoring brands. It’s the same photo they posted on Instagram to drive contest signups, pairing the message with a link to this Leadpage in Scarlet & Gold’s bio section:

Click here and give this page a glance.


5. Coldwell Banker – Vibrant Sales Page


What Stands Out: Financing a home can be a headache-inducing process, but this Vibrant Sales Page from Coldwell Banker is refreshingly easy to follow. Bullets and highlighted text draw the eye down the page to take in the program’s benefits and help visitors quickly assess if it could be a good fit for them. Placing some of the page text over images adds extra visual interest.

The strategy behind this landing page is clever, too. It’s not asking visitors to make a commitment or sign up for an event—just express interest in the program advertised. By asking visitors whether they want to receive the program details, Coldwell Banker likely generates much more interest than it would by posting the full details on its site.



6. The Moffatt Girls – Custom Drag & Drop Page


Top-converting landing page

What Stands Out: The Moffatt Girls create educational resources for teachers, so it’s important that the company build an authoritative reputation. On this simple, high-converting opt-in page, they can consistently bring new teachers into their audience.

Most email lists are free, but The Moffatt Girls promise extra freebies on top of the usual newsletter tips and updates. The square photos and illustrations at the bottom make these extras vivid and appealing.

Where should you use a page like this? Take a cue from The Moffatt Girls and add a link from any social profiles or listings in specialized marketplaces or directories. In this case, they go above and beyond by using an animated GIF as a link to the page:

Click here to learn this page’s secrets.


7. Dorie Clark – Single Host Webinar Registration Page 2.0


Top-converting landing page

What Stands Out: There’s no mystery to becoming a renowned expert, this Single Host Webinar Registration Page 2.0 seems to say. It’s as simple as joining this straightforwardly presented webinar.

There’s a sharp sense of focus here. Host Dorie Clark has pared her bio down to the credentials that matter for this audience, and she keeps the copy centered on benefits to the “regular professionals” she’s inviting to attend. Promises such as “Break into prestigious media outlets like Forbes and the Harvard Business Review” and “Earn speaking opportunities like TEDx conferences and paid corporate engagements” are powerfully specific.


8. Yasmin Boland – Simple Report Squeeze Page


What Stands Out: Astrology writer Yasmin Boland uses the Simple Report Squeeze Page template to create a striking and distinctive page for an online course—a freebie that serves as a gateway to a more extensive, paid Udemy course.

Yasmin approaches her design with an admirable discipline. She sticks with one image used two different ways and one bright contrast color, making for an elegant look that keeps the focus on the offer.

Click here to gaze at this passionate page.


9. Mastrat Digital – Drag & Drop Big Bold Opt-in Page


What Stands Out: Ever see those multi-page spreads in glossy magazines that pore over the details of new luxury apartment or condo buildings? Mastrat Digital achieves the same effect (with presumably way less ad spend) via this Drag & Drop Big Bold Opt-in Page.

This page isn’t terribly long, but the agency packs in different kinds of proof points to help different kinds of buyers envision living at this development, including:

  • Strikingly lit photos of the property
  • Financial incentives
  • Location details, including a custom-drawn map showing local amenities
  • Sample floor plans (with the promise of more upon opt-in)
  • Several mentions of the limited availability to drive urgency

A page like this can be an effective and surprisingly quick way to drive real-estate sales directly.


10. Amanda Arneill – Simple Webinar Registration Page


Top-converting landing page

What Stands Out: I admit I never knew that watercolor lettering was an artistic discipline of its own, but this Simple Webinar Registration Page from Amanda Arneill makes me immediately want to get started.

Gorgeous photos of worksheets and the finished product present this skill as both desirable and achievable. And the course format sounds like it could hardly be easier: just sign up and wait for the video lessons to reach your inbox.

Click here for a closer look at this artful page.


Need Some More Inspiration?


If you’d like to try some of the techniques from this roundup, you can grab four of the landing page templates listed in this roundup for free. Click below to download the entire pack:

Click Here to Download 4 Free Landing Page Templates

If you’re already a Leadpages member, these templates (plus the drag-and-drop only templates shown in the post) are ready and waiting for you in your account—just use the search bar to look for the template names listed in the post. If you’re not a Leadpages member, you will need to do a little coding or hand the files over to your web developer in order to customize these pages and publish them to your website.


What Have You Created Lately?


To all of the marketers and entrepreneurs featured in this month’s roundup, thanks for your great work! Before you go, I’d love to hear about your landing pages, whether they’re works in progress or have been released into the wild.

If you’ve got a landing page you’d like to share, please add the link and some information about the page and why you’re excited about it to the comments section below. Perhaps your landing page will end up in a future roundup!