This Is Huge: How To Find LeadPages’ Best-Converting Landing Pages



Hey, this is Jeff Wenberg from LeadPages. We’ve just added the biggest feature in the history of LeadPages. Inside of LeadPages, you can now sort the different pages not only by name, but you have the ability to sort them by their opt-in rate. This means that when you sort pages by opt-in rate, the highest converting pages appear first. This is something that no other landing page platform or conversion rate optimization tool allows you to do and it gives you the confidence of knowing that you’re using the highest converting pages that exist today. You can find the highest overall converting pages in their system by sorting all by opt-in rate or by sorting the different types of pages by opt-in rate. So for example, if you were going to host a webinar and you’re going to set up a webinar registration page, you could sort by opt-in rate to see which page is currently converting at the highest rate. You can see that the webinar page from James Shramko is currently converting at the highest rate followed by the webinar 2.0 page all the way down to the lowest converting page the webinar registration page with video. We are collecting average conversion rates per pages so your performance may vary.

Unlike other landing page platforms where this is left to chance, using the sort feature allows you to have confidence that you’re selecting the highest conversion of the type of page you’re looking to create in our system. This is like when you’re on Amazon and let’s say you’re not sure about what type of point and shoot camera you want to get, it sorts them by the most popular cameras to give you a certain amount of confidence that this would be one of the best cameras to get in this category because a lot had been sold. We think that this is going to be huge for our users. Again, this is something that no other landing page platform or conversion rate optimization tool offers. This is just one of the reasons why LeadPages is a leader.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below. I’m Jeff Wenberg, have a great day.

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  • Awesome! This is something I always wished I knew.

  • Jean-Charles

    Are the opt-in rates validated with the *same* copy on each page ?

    • I believe they’re averages across the system so no, they’re not split tests. But they are great starting points. Essentially it’s like using “market forces” to get the best pages to bubble to the top.

      • Exactly. Although in a lot of ways it is like a split test… except the standard variation due to each template having different content cancels out variation from other templates . . . leaving design and layout as the determinant factor. I’ll stop with the statistics now :-).


    • Hi Jean,

      It’s much more powerful than this. We get the average conversion rate for various landing page templates across our entire platform.

      So we’re getting the average conversion rates across all instances of the landing page template. We’re saying that the average page created from one landing page template converts higher than the average page created by another template.

      I hope this makes sense.

      Warm regards,

  • Big congrats to Charles Kirkland – his video optin page is the highest performing design of “normal” optin pages (vs bonus/order form optins).

  • Damn that’s a fine feature update!

  • Sri Vishwanath

    wow. ! that is huge. This is so powerful. Thank you veyr much

  • Clint

    I hate to assume so I’ll ask. I see LeadPages is a plugin for WordPress. I also saw verbiage the pages can load to Facebook.

    Is it also possible to easily load what LeadPages creates onto a regular html site?

    • Hi Clint,

      LeadPages isn’t a WordPress plugin . . . but we have a “connector plugin” that allows you to easily publish your LeadPages to WordPress.

      So yes, LeadPages can be published to Facebook, your own server, WordPress, your HTML website, etc. WordPress is just one of the many publishing options available to our customers.

      Thanks for the excellent question.

      Warm regards,

  • Mary Rose Maguire

    Outstanding! This is an incredible feature! It helps marketers understand what’s performing best so we can have a “head start” on testing. I’ve been busy with client work but will soon be creating my own squeeze page soon. Congrats on developing a feature that your competitor’s don’t (yet) have! 😀

  • Awesome 🙂

  • Laurette Willis

    I am really REALLY enjoying my LeadPages (see how I have made them *mine*).

    LeadPages is answered prayer for me to be sure!!!

    Thanks for the great service, features and new update! ROCKIN’!!! 🙂

    • Hi Laurette! So glad you’re enjoying ur software. We love making it for you and supporting you. Thanks for the kind words.

      Warm regards,

  • CatalystMLM

    Wow guys, such a simple change with a MASSIVE impact. That is so cool! We are about to launch our first webinar and psyched to know we’ll be using the highest converting template 🙂

    • We’re psyched to know that as well. Our webinar registration pages are really performing well right now.

      • CatalystMLM

        Well the podcast template (with an exciting promo video and targeted advertising) literally took our podcast to #1 in iTunes while I was sleeping. People keep asking us how we did it and I scream LEADPAGES!! 🙂

  • Sean Smith

    Great feature, Clay & Team. It definitely provides some peace-of-mind knowing we’re using the highest converting templates.

  • Elaine

    Just trying out this software. ABSOLUTELY incredible.

  • so dooopppe Clay! Now… just get that API for GetResponse360 and we’ll be “cooking with grease” ;0)

  • Creating my first page today. Woohoo! Thanks Guys! ♥

  • Erich Ike

    I’ve heard so many great things about you guys but I come to this site and it is like you are speaking Chinese. This doesn’t make a bit of sense and none of the “free” templates work or install correctly.

  • Kirsty Verity

    Hi guys, awesome product! I have a WordPress brand site and am just about to launch a branded product on I would like to create a landing page hooked up to my website for the product with a direct link to the amazon listing and also with an opt in page to my a weber mail list. Would lead pages provide a template for that?

  • Ryan

    Opt-in template rankings = cool feature. When using it the rankings are posted in two columns. I assume #1 is top left, but is #2 below #1 proceeding 1-2-3 down the left column and then to the right column? Or are they ranked by row?

  • builders2001

    Thanks Clay. I just bought into I am excited about the opportunity to try it with my next webinar. Thanks for the great training videos!