Why We’re Betting Big on Mobile SMS Marketing (and a Sneak Peek at Our Newest Product)

Two hours and 46 minutes per day.

That’s the average amount of time Americans spend on mobile devices, according to mobile analytics platform Flurry. (And the rest of the world isn’t too far behind.)

We’re seemingly inseparable from those little rectangles we hold in our pockets — yet many businesses are still ignoring the huge opportunity this inseparability creates: mobile marketing.

Most likely, you’re already aware that it’s important to create a smooth mobile experience for your prospects. This means having things like a mobile-responsive website that’s easy to navigate, and mobile-responsive landing pages (something we’ve always created at LeadPages™).

But the opportunity you may be missing involves a different aspect of mobile — SMS text message marketing.

SMS text message marketing is a powerful way to get potential customers to do things like opt-in to your email list or register for a webinar all by sending a simple text message, rather than opting in on a web form.

This opens up an entire new channel for potential customers to interact with your business. And what’s more powerful than allowing potential customers to engage with your business on the device they’re already connected to more than any other throughout the day?

That’s why LeadPages™ is only a few days away from releasing a new mobile SMS marketing tool that will allow you to tap into this much-discussed but often overlooked marketing channel.

But before we show you what that tool is (don’t worry, we’ll get to that), let’s take a minute to set the record straight on what exactly mobile SMS marketing is, and how you can harness it to generate leads in a completely new way. Read more “Why We’re Betting Big on Mobile SMS Marketing (and a Sneak Peek at Our Newest Product)”

Landing Page Roundup: Our Top 10 Favorite Pages from February – March 2015

A tough call — that’s the phrase I would use to describe the process of selecting our top 10 favorite customer-created landing pages from the past month.

So instead of simply choosing the pages we thought looked the best, we narrowed it down to pages that provide actionable takeaways for you to implement in your own business (in addition to looking great, of course).

With that in mind, be prepared to walk away from this post with a few ideas for improving (or creating) your own high-converting landing pages.

Let’s take a look.

1. MonoShot: Smart Product Sales Page

Landing Page Roundup
A smart phone camera stand that doubles as a selfie stick? Sign me up.

What Stands Out: MonoShot used one of our latest templates (the Smart Product Sales Page) to create a beautiful, comprehensive opt-in page to build a waiting list for their soon-to-be-released product.

The page does an excellent job showcasing the MonoShot’s best features through the use of impressive product photography (which makes sense, given that they’re selling a photography product).

Additionally, the photo at the top of the page subtly communicates one of the benefits of using the MonoShot — the ability to capture memories of you create with friends. Contextual imagery like that can help prospects imagine the product within the context of their own lives.

You can see the page in action here. Read more “Landing Page Roundup: Our Top 10 Favorite Pages from February – March 2015”

LeadBoxes® Roundup: Our Top 10 Favorite LeadBoxes® from February 2015

As the LeadPages™ customer base continues to grow, we see more and more valuable ways our users are implementing LeadBoxes®.

This month, we want to showcase a few examples that illustrate not only sharp design, but also a few of the many different use cases for LeadBoxes® in your own business.

So take a look below, and have a notepad ready — I’m confident you’ll want to jot down some of these ideas so you can use them in your own marketing.

1. KangoMedia: Free Quote LeadBox™

LeadBoxes Roundup
A beautiful contact form LeadBox™ with multiple form fields created by KangoMedia.

What Stands Out: Although LeadBoxes® are great for building your email list, they’re also effective at generating customer inquiries. That’s exactly how Freddy and Ada Rodriguez are using this LeadBox™ on their home page. Prospects can describe their project and KangoMedia can quickly follow up with a quote.

Additionally, Freddy and Ada customized the LeadBox™ to perfectly match the KangoMedia brand. They also added in a photo of themselves to build trust and add a touch of warmth and personality to the process. Nicely done! Read more “LeadBoxes® Roundup: Our Top 10 Favorite LeadBoxes® from February 2015”

[Free Download] Boost Your iTunes Ranking with This Podcast Landing Page Template

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Read more “[Free Download] Boost Your iTunes Ranking with This Podcast Landing Page Template”