The #1 Trait Every Great Leader Must Possess

The #1 Trait Every Great Leader Must Possess

Of the hundreds of questions I get asked related to my post on How Leaders Build Dream Teams, the most frequently asked ones are focused on what exactly makes a great leader.

Astute entrepreneurs have caught the vision of building an amazing team, but what they really want to know is what kind of leaders they should hire to work with that team.

While the complete answer to that question is complex and could easily fill an entire book, there is one common trait that every truly great leader must possess:


“Respect and Humility” is one of our 10 core values at LeadPages™. When I’m interviewing a leader to join our team I ask a variety of questions, but the one thing that I’m listening for under the surface of the answers is humility.

Not the sickly sweet distorted version of humility which turns some people into doormats, but the powerful kind of humility that moves mountains while always upholding the dignity of every person involved.

I’ll take a humble, unskilled, inexperienced leader over an arrogant, experienced, highly skilled “leader” any day of the week. If you’ve ever worked with an arrogant leader, you’re likely nodding your head in agreement. Thankfully we don’t have to choose between these two extremes: there are great, humble leaders to be found.

Humility can be tricky to define, so I’ve chosen to portray it by focusing on the manifestations of humility. I’d encourage you to do a check-up on your own humility as you read through this list.

Just one disclaimer before we dive in.


It ain’t me, babe.

Just because I’m writing on this topic and I screen every leader we hire or promote at LeadPages™ for these expressions of humility doesn’t mean I’ve mastered all of them. Like everyone else, I’m a work in progress, continually hitting up against my own weaknesses and flaws, working through them only to find more rising to the surface.

With that disclaimer firmly in place, read on to discover the sweet 16 characteristics of humility.

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Who’s on Your Team? How Leaders Build Dream Teams… Or Blow It Big Time

“Do you hate all people or just your employees?”

I spoke this mid-conversation with a business owner who was complaining about his team. Other CEOs were murmuring in sympathetic agreement with all the complaints.

After listening to the litany of everything that was wrong with his team, I couldn’t help but interrupt.

His laundry list of complaints just reinforced what I already knew.

Poor team performance is nearly always
due to poor leadership.

I’ve watched more than one business continuously struggle, and even crash and burn, because of poor leadership.

Every single time we have an issue with someone on our team I trace it back as far as I can go. I keep digging to find out if poor leadership is the root of the problem. That’s nearly always the case (and, yes, that often means it comes right back to me as the root cause).

10-signs (1)I failed to provide the right leadership at the right time in the right way.

If you’re constantly frustrated with your team, it’s time to face facts. You have a leadership issue, not a team performance issue. The poor performance is the symptom, not the cause.

I’ve interviewed thousands of potential employees in my life. That includes hundreds over the last year. Right now, we’re in a rapid growth phase at LeadPages, so we’ve recently been hiring many people (and we still are).

Because it is so common, I’m no longer shocked when I hear about the workplace environments that many employees are trying to survive.

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