Build My Business: Freelance Designer

Editor’s Note: Welcome to the latest installment of our Build My Business series, in which our in-house experts, hobbyists, and insatiably curious marketers show you how they would use LeadPages® to launch a campaign for a very specific—though hypothetical—business purpose. In this post, designer Taylor Wegner assesses the struggles designers run into when they go freelance, and proposes a marketing plan to make things easier.

* * *

You’re talented, creative, driven . . and terrible at promoting yourself.

If that sounds about right, you might be a designer.

I can say that, because I am one. And most of us don’t go into graphic design because we’re naturally gifted salespeople.

As a designer at LeadPages®, I can usually leave the mechanics of marketing to the rest of the team, but it wasn’t always that way. With hindsight on my side, I decided to create a hypothetical marketing campaign that other freelancers could use to build a larger client base with just a few simple and inexpensive steps.

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