Announcing: The LeadPages Consulting Program

I’m happy to announce something we’ve been excited about for a very long time: our new hands-on consulting program that guarantees you’ll double your investment.

How does this program work?

We assign to you a world class digital marketing coach who will work with you to fine tune every aspect of your business.

We’ll consult with you one on one to improve your entire sales funnel.

That includes …

  • Defining, evaluating, and improving your offer
  • Reviewing your copy and optimizing it for improved conversions
  • Evaluating your imagery to ensure it works seamlessly with your brand, copy, offer and conversion goals
  • Conversion-optimizing your calls to action
  • Mapping out your funnels from top to bottom and then building them out with you

All in all, we’ll help you with four parts of your business:

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