Should Your Business Really Have a Blog? (And What Should Go on It?)

What Should Really Go on Your Business's Blog?

Does your business have a blog?

If the answer is no, maybe one of these reasons rings a bell …

“I’m not sure we could find the resources—or that it’d be worthwhile if we did.”

“We tried it, but it was hard to justify the time when we couldn’t really measure the ROI.”

“Honestly, the CEO isn’t much of a writer. And I know no one would be interested in hearing from me—I’m just a midlevel marketing manager.”

“I work in a pretty buttoned-up industry. We don’t want to give away our secrets or let people look behind the scenes. Otherwise, what would clients pay us for?”

“Ugh, don’t remind me. And please don’t click the ‘Blog’ link on our website. The same 6 posts have sat there since 2009, and I’ve been meaning to do something about it since 2013.”

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Start a Podcast, Attract Fans, Get Customers: A Simple 6-Step Guide

Start a Podcast, Attract Fans, Get Customers: Tips from a Pro Podcast Host

Starting a podcast has never been easier. All you need is a good microphone, a computer, and basic editing software to get started. And these days, you can hit the ground running with pretty great audio for a couple hundred bucks.

You can also be pretty confident that there’s an audience for your podcast out there—somewhere. Earlier this year, Edison Research and Triton Digital released a survey finding that fully half of U.S. teens and adults surveyed had listened to some form of online radio in the past week, while those who listen to podcasts on a weekly basis consumed an average of five shows a week. Both metrics represent a significant jump from even a year ago.

In order to claim your chunk of that giant audience, you need to take action and flex a few marketing muscles. Even if you have decent equipment, professional production, and an engaging show.

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Leadpages + GoToWebinar: The Easy Way to Fill Your Webinars Fast

We’re big fans of Citrix GoToWebinar at Leadpages. We use it to onboard new customers, educate marketers around the world, and even loop remote team members into meetings—every single week.

In fact, it’s a fair bet that Leadpages wouldn’t be the business it is today without webinars. Our webinar funnel system has been an essential part of the growth engine that’s taken us from 0 to 42,000+ customers in just a few years.

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Build My Business: A Marketing Plan for a Coffee Shop Regulars Will Love

Editor’s Note: Welcome to our latest Build My Business post, in which one of our in-house experts, hobbyists, or insatiably curious marketers shows you how they would use Leadpages and other tools to launch a campaign for a hypothetical business. This week, Rachel Wedlund lays out a campaign that could turn a daydream of running a successful cafe into a reality. (Our thanks to reader Tanya Handy, who suggested writing about a bookstore/cafe—we couldn’t fit in the bookstore, but we appreciate the inspiration!)

* * *

Shhh… Don’t tell my boss, but sometimes when I appear to be deep in thought at work, I’m really just fantasizing about opening a coffee shop.

I see people lining up outside Rachel’s Cafe before the doors open each morning, eager to pick up a delectable handcrafted latte. “Remember when we used to like Starbucks,” I hear one patron snootily remark to another, who replies: “I’m so glad we found Rachel’s. It’s just so much better.”

I could go on and on, but while it is fun to daydream, I don’t have any real plans to quit my day job and open Rachel’s Cafe. What really fascinates me isn’t so much the day-to-day operations of a coffee shop—it’s the marketing opportunity.

Since I’m not going into business anytime soon, I’m happy to share my coffee shop marketing plans with you! I’ve developed a campaign designed to attract the kind of customers who’ll make my business a part of their everyday routine—no punch cards needed.

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