Build My Business: How a CPA Can Increase Customer Value (and Stay Busy Outside Tax Season)

Build My Business: Marketing for CPAs

Editor’s Note: Welcome to the latest installment of our Build My Business series, in which our in-house experts, hobbyists, and insatiably curious marketers show you how they would use LeadPages® to launch a campaign for a very specific—though hypothetical—business purpose. In this week’s post, marketing automation specialist Nate Johnson builds a campaign for a certified public accountant trying to create more year-round business.

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I have a friend who owns an accounting firm. While accounting doesn’t have a reputation as the most action-packed field in the world, I’ve learned from my friend that it can actually be a little bit bumpy.

That comes from 2 main factors:

1. Business is seasonal. CPAs get a huge rush of business around tax season, but things can be dry during the rest of the year. That can make staffing difficult.

2. Business is transactional. Most of my friend’s clients come see him for tax-return preparation or another one-time service, so it’s hard to develop the kind of long-term customer relationships that can create a steadier stream of revenue.

Now, accountants like my friend could shrug, sigh, and say, “That’s just the way the business is.” But I think there’s a way to mitigate some of these challenges—through marketing.

This campaign is designed to drive more year-round business and build stronger relationships with customers who generally only come in at tax time. To build it, I imagined a fairly common accounting scenario for myself: a CPA serving high-revenue local professionals such as doctors, dentists, contractors, and small businesses owners.

The problem for firms like these isn’t necessarily a lack of customers. In fact, it’s hard to force more customers into a business that’s already overstressed at tax time. There is ample extra time throughout the year where more services could be rendered to existing customers, however—and that’s the goal of my campaign.

CPA Marketing Campaign Diagram

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6 Keys to Webinars That Get Sales: Webinar Best Practices from Expert Host Tim Paige

6 Webinar Best Practices from Tim Paige

Here’s a statistic that might surprise you: in a 2014 study from the Content Marketing Institute, more than 60% of B2B marketers said they use webinars as part of their marketing strategy.

That suggests two things:

1. Webinars are an effective marketing tool.

2. And, depending on your industry, your webinars may face a lot of competition.

Personally, I think the benefits of the first factor outweigh the potential drawbacks of the second. In our experience at LeadPages®, webinars are an excellent tool for not only generating leads, but also for converting those leads into sales.

They’re even good for purposes that have nothing to do with sales, such as new-customer education. But today, I want to talk specifically about designing webinars with conversion in mind. I sat down with our own Tim Paige—also known as the “Santa Claus of Webinars” for his twinkly-eyed, bearded visage and seemingly unlimited supply of good stuff to deliver—to get some of his favorite webinar best practices.

Tim not only hosts the vast majority of our webinars, he’s also the host of our podcast, the ConversionCast. That means he has hundreds of hours of experience creating and running webinars that feel like a great conversation—and also inspire people to take action. Working together, we identified some of the keys to our webinars’ success, then boiled them down to 6 important webinar best practices.

If you’re interested in doing even more with webinars after you read this post, I’d recommend you grab our complete (and totally free) Webinar Marketing Funnel System Course. Click below to see all 10 video modules and much more:


Now, let’s peer into the mind of Tim Paige.
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Why Retargeting Should Be the Cornerstone of Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Time and time again I’ve found that, while there are many experts in the area of online marketing, each one brings a unique set of tips and tricks. These range from special tools they’ve discovered to ingenious growth hacks that have allowed them to rapidly grow their business.

Today our own conversion expert, Tim Paige, interviews Nicole Kroese, Director of Marketing and Partnerships at Likeable Local. Nicole has a wealth of marketing experience, a solid Facebook marketing strategy, and a unique perspective on internet marketing as a whole.

Here are a few of the questions Tim and Nicole covered during their interview and some additional thoughts on these topics.

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