[Free Course] Marketing Automation for Small Business: 10x What’s Working in Your Business

Ever wonder how big-name companies seem to be able to keep tabs on all their customers at all times?

You visit their site, then you start seeing banner ads for that site everywhere. You come this close to buying a product, and the next day you get an email reminding you about that product.

You do buy that product, and the flood of marketing emails you previously got subsides a bit—or you start getting emails about little upgrades you can purchase to complement that product. Something goes wrong with your new purchase, you make a complaint online to air your frustration, and in a flash you’re contacted directly by someone from the company.

All of these things are (or can be) the result of marketing automation.

Sound technically complex, or super expensive? Not necessarily. If you can master some simple marketing automation as a small business, you’ll actually end up doing less digging around inside the software you use and spending less money (and time) on the marketing tasks you perform every week.

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Build My Business: A Low-Budget Marketing Campaign for High-Value Coaching Services

Editor’s Note: Welcome to the latest installment of our Build My Business series, in which our in-house experts and insatiably curious marketers show you how they would use LeadPages® to launch a campaign for a very specific—though hypothetical—business purpose. This week, Bob “The Teacher” Jenkins looks back to his coaching days to design a campaign that can sell high-value coaching packages on a low marketing budget.

* * *

I love the impact that coaches have on the lives of their clients. Having been a business coach for over 10 years, and being the husband of an executive life coach, I’ve seen how a few key conversations can shift the happiness of a personal coaching client, or the profitability of a business client.

I’ve also seen the other side of coaching: the side where coaches with transformational skills simply can’t get enough clients to stay in business. Or where coaches have been trained to accept clients for prices that are way too low, and where they struggle to create a thriving business.

These coaches need a reliable marketing funnel—one that really makes good on the promises of digital marketing and actually generates the revenue to keep them excited about helping clients.

That’s why I built this campaign, which I encourage you to borrow for your own service-based business. To help you do that, I also put together a coaching marketing resources pack, which you can download free below. It includes:

  • Three landing page templates used in this post: the Coupon Page, the Facebook Advertising Page, and the Tiered Pricing Page
  • 10 royalty-free, professional stock photos selected to add extra appeal to coaches’ landing pages and websites (each available in four different sizes, so you really get 40 image files)
  • A marketing stack guide sheet containing all the tools I use in this campaign, plus a few of my other favorite tools for coaches

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[New Course] “Sales Funnels Rebuilt” Is Here (And it’s Our Most Comprehensive Course Yet)

A clear path to a profitable marketing campaign.

At its core, that’s all a “sales funnel” or “marketing funnel” is.

It really should be that simple. But for many of us, the concept of a funnel has become needlessly complicated over time. There are a lot of systems out there that will tell you about the right way to build a sales funnel, but we’ve found that most of them are either:

a) too vague to implement, or

b) too confusing to keep straight.

That’s why we created our newest course. It’s the most comprehensive business growth course LeadPages has offered yet, and it’s called:

Sales Funnels Rebuilt: The New Way to Create Campaigns That Transform Your Business

If you’ve never been quite sure what a “sales funnel” is, this course is for you.

If you’ve given up on funnel-building resources in the past, this course is for you.

If you simply suspect that your online marketing could be a little easier and more effective, this course is for you.

Over the course of 13 step-by-step modules and plenty of bonus material, this course will:

  • Make the marketing strategies and tactics you may have heard about ultra-clear to shorten your learning curve.
  • Show you, step-by-step, how to build your own lead and sales Micro Funnels, and how to tie them together to create any marketing campaign you can imagine.
  • Make it easier for you to get repeatable results.

In other words, we’re giving you the foundation and the bricks. You’ll come away with a start-to-finish understanding of how to create marketing campaigns that—after some thoughtful setup—run themselves and generate profit for you for as long as you keep the elements in place.

Click below to go to the course page and learn more:

Click here to Explore "Sales Funnels Rebuilt"

If you have LeadPages™, you don’t need to download this template – it’s already available to you inside your LeadPages account. Just log in and you’ll see how super easy it is to customize this page in seconds with no technical knowledge or skills, make it mobile responsive, integrate it with your email service provider or CRM, run A/B split tests, and publish it to Facebook, WordPress, or your own server.

. . .or take a closer look at each course module below:

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[Free Course] Nurture Your Leads into Customers with the Email List Building Course (A $297 Value, Free)

Email List Building Course

I love this moment.

The moment when, after weeks of hard work behind the scenes, I get to unveil something big: our newest LeadPages® free course. It’s called:

The Email List Building Course

I’ve created 9 video modules that will lead you through every step of creating an effective email marketing plan. Once you’ve finished the course, you’ll know exactly how to turn the leads you’re collecting into loyal customers through list-nurturing techniques.

This course is designed to benefit three groups:

  • Established businesses who are doing little to no strategic email marketing,
  • New businesses who want to grow faster from the start, and
  • Experienced business owners who want a refresher on simple-yet-effective email list building.

If your business is at any of these points, I’d invite you to click the button below to go directly to the course page and get started right now—no opt-in necessary. Or you can read on for a look into each module.


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