Click Here: 10 Must-Have Call-to-Action Best Practices

Editor’s Note: This piece was originally written in 2014 by Sean Bestor, but the best practices in the post remain as relevant as ever. Hungry for more? Click here to find 8 more updated call-to-action tips from marketers around the world.

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I’m excited. Extremely excited. And soon you will be, too.

Because I’ve got something game-changing.

You’ve heard that phrase before, sure. But this thing I’ve got, it’s what that phrase was born to describe.

It’s something that’ll increase leads by AT LEAST 100,000% and even rid your parents’ toolbars of the rows upon rows of unrelenting toolbar spam.

“But the computer said it was necessary…”
“But the computer said it was necessary…”

This thing is the sliced bread of the internet. I honestly can’t believe it hasn’t been created before, but now that it has you’ll never be able to live without it again.

Sounds cool, right? Great.


(Leaning back in my chair, confidently twiddling my thumbs.)


(Peers at computer screen, exactly 0 people have signed up. Spits out lukewarm $1.50 coffee in sheer disbelief.)

You guys. What’s going on? Don’t you want this thing? I told you how much it’ll help your business. I wrote pretty compelling copy. I even opened the cage and released it into the internet.

Isn’t that enough?

No. It’s not enough. Not even in the same ballpark as “enough.”

You’d be surprised to know that the above scenario, to a degree, is something I hear all the time. People with absolutely brilliant products and ideas end up getting frustrated beyond belief because their stuff just isn’t selling.

It’s not because the product is bad. By all means, many could completely change the way we live. We know that of the 30,000 or so consumer products launched each year, about 95% of them fail.

The reasons for failure are vast and varied, but there’s one that stands out time and time again — the lack of a call to action. Read more “Click Here: 10 Must-Have Call-to-Action Best Practices”

A Tale of Two Launches: One Made $43,380 and the Other -$1,385

By Bryan Harris, Founder of Videofruit

Rewind to the spring of 2012. My boss and I did not get along. I was progressive and he was… not.

Then, I read an article on Tim Ferris’s blog about how to create iPhone apps. I was pumped and thought to myself, “If this guy can create an app and make $10k per month, surely I can as well.”

Five months later I launched two apps. Here is what the balance sheet looked like after 24 months.

  • App development cost: $2,000
  • Revenue from Apps: $615
  • Net Profit: -$1,385

Now let’s fast forward two years to March 2014 and my latest launch.

Videofruit was seven months old and “The Bootstrapper’s Guide to Explainer Videos” was released and generated $15,460 in total revenue. My email list had grown to just over 2,000 subscribers and monthly traffic was at 7,000 unique visitors.

Then I listened to a Mixergy interview with Andrew Warner and Stu McLaren. They were discussing membership sites and the steps they would take to start one. After listening to their conversation, I immediately knew I needed to create a membership site for Videofruit.

But I didn’t want a repeat of the app experience. So, I set out to validate that my customers would be interested.

Two days later I launched a primitive version of the program. Over the next 14 days it generated 20 customers. That’s a total revenue of $3,650 per month or $43,380 per year.

All with a single email.

Quick Recap: One launch lost $1,385 and the other made $43,380. You with me? Good.

What Made the Difference Here

So, what was the difference in these two launches?

Why did one take five months of work, hundreds of hours and still flop?

Why did the other take two hours, one email and make more money than a year’s salary at my last job?

Here is the answer:

For the first launch, I built a product and then tried to find customers to buy it.

This time I just gave my existing customers what they wanted.

See the difference?

Now let’s talk about how you build a list of customers that will tell you what they want. Read more “A Tale of Two Launches: One Made $43,380 and the Other -$1,385”

13 Failures from the Most Successful People You’re Likely to Meet

By Kevin Raheja, Affiliate Manager for LeadPages

Growing up in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s in Chicago, I was naturally a huge Bulls fan.

Like many kids back then, I idolized the great “Air” Jordan. It was hard not to. At the time, Michael was featured in almost every commercial.

Of all the commercials he did, I remember this one from Nike the most vividly. In it, the great Jordan focused not on his successes — but on his failures as a player.

“I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times, I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” —Michael Jordan

In the commercial, Nike used Michael’s failures to highlight his greatness. In looking back, there’s a lot of wisdom here. The most successful people take the most risks, so they do tend to fail the most. In failing, they eventually succeed.

I was so inspired by this, that recently, I reached out to some of the most successful people I know. I asked each one: “what’s been your biggest failure?”

Below, you’ll hear the stories of their most epic failures in their own words — and what you can learn from each of these struggles.

1. Amy Porterfield, of


Read more “13 Failures from the Most Successful People You’re Likely to Meet”

How to Get Awesome Results from a Low Traffic Blog

By Will Hoekenga of

Raise your hand if you’ve been here — you’re getting little to no comments on each post, your mom is the only one opening your emails, and cracking 100 visitors in a week sounds about as doable as scaling Mount Everest. Naked.

And then one day the thought enters your head… So what if I did get 100 visitors in a week? Even THAT isn’t enough to get me more sales, clients, etc.

So you quit.

You join the millions before you who started a blog only to discover an often-ignored truth — attracting visitors to your blog can be pretty freaking difficult.

There’s a huge gap in our thinking when it comes to blog traffic. It looks something like this:


Here’s a very corny truth: that so-called “vast wasteland” is actually nothing more than a mirage. See what I did there?

The biggest lie new/early-stage bloggers believe is that nothing good can happen until you start experiencing massive waves of traffic, social shares, comments, and email subscribers.

Fact: You can get major results from a low traffic blog.

In this post, I’m going to show you how I used LeadPages and a combination of other techniques to achieve the following results in the first two and a half months of launching a blog that, as of right now, has only had 595 unique visitors (that’s roughly eight people per day).

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