Build My Business: Getting Lifelong Members for a CrossFit Gym

Build My Business: A Fitness Marketing Campaign for a CrossFit Gym

Editor’s Note: Welcome to the latest installment of our Build My Business series, in which our in-house experts and insatiably curious marketers show you how they would use LeadPages® to launch a campaign for a very specific—though hypothetical—business purpose. This week, videographer Adam Ruhland expands on a thought he’s often had while working out: what would it take to successfully start a new CrossFit studio?

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I’ve been a member of multiple CrossFit gyms over the past four years, and as a marketer, I keep coming back to one thought every time I’m working out: what would it take to start a business like that from scratch?

You’d have no members; you might not even have an audience to market to. Opening a new fitness business is pretty expensive, given the amount of equipment you need to purchase. I did some research and discovered that a CrossFit gym typically requires $50,000–$150,000 to get off the ground.

To recover that investment, you’d need a powerful marketing strategy that gets people in the door quickly. That’s what I set out to build with this campaign.

Every piece of this campaign is pretty simple on its own, but it gets complex as you put them together. That’s why I’ve worked with our design team to create a full-color PDF campaign infographic you can follow on your own. Click below to download a free copy:

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The Challenge: Attract Long-Term, High-Value Members to a New CrossFit Gym

One thing working in my imaginary fitness studio’s favor is the pricing model. Most CrossFit gyms offer only group training and can charge a premium for memberships—generally $100–$200 a month. High membership fees coupled with marketing that emphasizes that I’m offering a premium product will allow my gym to break even sooner with fewer members.

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