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So in today’s episode of the Marketing Show, we’re going to be doing not one, not two, but three things. You’re going to love them. The first thing that we’re doing is we’re going to give away probably the most effective landing page template that we’ve ever given away. It’s pretty advanced, but it’s very simple for you to implement. We’re going to give it away absolutely free, uncopyrighted for you to use as you wish. The second thing we’re going to do is talk about the principles behind why this landing page works. There’s two main reasons why this works so well. And I’m going to be going into the psychology behind why this landing page works. There’s two really important principles that you need to get. Third and finally, I’m going to be showing you how this landing page is being used by some of the top companies on the internet including AppSumo, which has a list of probably over 600,000 now and by us. So you’re going to see real live examples of how this landing page is being applied. That’s what you have to look forward to in this episode of the Marketing Show.

So here’s the back stream behind this. Back in the day, I did an episode of the Marketing Show called The Top 4 Best Squeeze Pages of 2012, and one of the squeeze pages mentioned is one by AppSumo. It was their contest page and the way it worked is you didn’t see an opt-in box at first so that actually disarms people. People are much more likely to opt in if you make them do something before opting in, right? If you just go to a page you can see some sort of giveaway and an opt-in box. You know how this story is going to end. At least, you know how they want it to end, but on this page, the way it works is you have to answer this question before seeing the opt-in box.

So if you want a chance to win this MacBook Air – By the way, this is AppSumo.com/MacBookAir, but if you want to win this MacBook Air, you have to select an answer. So who’s giving away this 13-inch MacBook? AppSumo does. You click submit answer and then you opt in, and this actually increases opt-in rates for a couple reasons. One, it’s disarming; and two, it creates a yes letter where you took some sort action that you were supposed to take and you’re sort of in an inertia pattern of taking action. So you’re much more likely to take the second action.

Anyway, when I spoke about this in this episode of the Marketing Show called The Top 4 Best Squeeze Pages of 2012, people loved it. People really, really liked this squeeze page. Past forward about a month and I start talking a lot on the marketing show about two-step opt-in processes, right; opt-in processes where you need to take some sort of action before you see the opt-in box. I made two episodes on the Marketing Show about that. One was called New Trend Opt-In Rates Across the Internet are Dropping: Here’s What to do About it, and the second episode of the Marketing Show where I talked about this was called the Two-Step Opt-in Process and How to Increase our Newsletter Subscriptions by 60%.

So what we’re going to be doing today actually is just giving you this template. I had a conversation with Susan Su of AppSumo and they blessed this. They gave us the permission to turn their page into a template that we could give away to you. Now, before I get too much into this, I want to say that we’re actually using a form of this template as well on the homepage for LeadPlayer. You’ll see we have a modified version of this template where there’s a video here, and you can select who’s giving away some free templates that we’re giving away. If you click on LeadPlayer Da and you click on Submit Answer, you can then opt in.

So this isn’t just something that AppSumo does. This is also something that we’re doing in our own business and we’re actually putting this on our homepage. And you know, we’re not forcing people to opt in. You can still see about LeadPlayer by going to the products page. You know, you can still get to our blog. So this isn’t some crazy coercive measure where you have to opt in or go away, but we want to give people the opportunity to get on our list and this is how we’re doing it.

So there are two major reasons why this style of landing page works. The first reason is simply speed of response, and let me show you what I mean. So here’s the template that we’re giving to you to give away, and the way it works is when someone selects the right answer and submits, they can immediately opt in. They don’t have to go to another page. They don’t have to refresh. They don’t have to reload. It’s immediate. And the faster your page responds, especially when it comes to taking a specific action the more likely someone is to opt in.

It’s kind of analogous to a time when I was at a flea market and I was asking about some shirts. They had them in a number of different colors, and I asked if they have them in red, and immediately, someone handed me a red t-shirt. He was like, “Oh, here it is. How would you like to pay for it?” And I was kind of taken aback because I was kind of in this browsing mode, but then I asked them to take a specific action, immediately, they hooked me up with a red shirt and I couldn’t be like, “Oh no, no. I’m just kind of I wanted to see it.” I mean I guess I could, but I didn’t. They handed it to me immediately and when you do that, people are more likely to take action.

I’ll give you another example. This is Gold Medal Bodies. This is the site of a client of mine who’s actually now a coach on our team, Andy Fossett. Brilliant marketer, fascinating guy, and really, really just on top of things and good at what he does. If you have time to check it out, go to Gold Medal Bodies, but he has an opt-in box that works like this. You click on ‘Click to Join Now. It’s Free,’ and you immediately see this pop-up box where you can enter in your e-mail address. Again, it’s a two-step opt-in process where you take some sort of action. Maybe it’s just clicking a button. And then immediately, you have the opportunity to opt in.

Here’s another example of this. This is up where the dot com, and it says ‘Demand a Plan on Gun Violence,’ and it says, “The tragedy in Aurora, Colorado has made it clear we need to do more to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people.” And if you click on ‘I Agree,’ immediately it asks you to opt in. So when you do something and then immediately they’re like okay, now opt in, folks are much more likely to opt in. So the speed at which you respond to step one in the two-step opt-in process increases the likelihood that someone’s going to opt in in step two of the two-step opt-in process.

The second reason why this works so well is because it’s disarming. It’s a two-step opt-in process. Someone has to take some kind of action at first. They have to say who’s giving away the offer, whatever you’re giving away on this landing page. So somebody has to take some kind of response first, and you’re starting out with a low level of interaction, and all they have to do is indicate who’s giving away the free thing, and then immediately, they’re presented with an opt-in box, but you start low in terms of what someone needs to do. They just need to answer a question, and then you raise the bar, and when you can get someone to take any kind of action at all on your website they’re much more likely to do the following thing. So that’s the second reason why it works.

So finally, here’s the template that AppSumo is allowing us to give away. Thanks a ton AppSumo. And the way it works is you can populate this with your own answers. You can replace this with an image of whatever you’re giving away. You insert your logo here, and you can easily edit all of this text. This is all like HTML 5CSS3 compliant, and here’s the code. It’s Super Clean. It’s basically the HTML is from here to here, and editing the text is an absolute cinch. Using this is incredibly easy to do. This is uncopyrighted. We’re not charging for this. If you want to use this with your clients, if you want to spin this into all kinds of amazing things, you’re absolutely welcome to. We’re giving this away.

Anyway, my name is Clay Collins. The download link for this is somewhere on this page. I hope you’ve enjoyed this. I hope you learned a lot as well. I hope you didn’t just grab the link and run. I hope you learned from this, why this is important, and thank you so much. So my name is Clay Collins. Thanks for watching this episode and I’ll talk to you later.

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    • Hi Ben! This one is straight HTML, so you’ll need to edit it in a text editor. It isn’t a wordpress plugin. I wish I could offer more in terms of support. We support the living crap out of our paid products (like LeadPlayer) . . . but it’s more difficult to do that with these paid templates.

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    • Hum . . . I’m not so sure. If you want to work on shopping cart abandons, check out: SeeWhy.com

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    • It seems to be working 100% fine for other people. Someone just used the template to create this: http://healermedia.com/ ; I wish we could provide technical support for these free templates, but we can’t. We provide amazing 1-on-1 support for all our paid products, however (and go above and beyond).

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