Announcing: The Official LeadPages Podcast (Coming in 48 Hours)

By Kat Von Rohr, Blog Editor for LeadPages

It’s finally here.

After months of preparation… 45 soon-to-be-released interviews… And over a 100 different case studies shared from the world’s top marketers…

We are now just 48 hours away from the launch of ConversionCast — the official LeadPages podcast.

We have been building this podcast for nearly three months. We are now gearing up to share the first five episodes with you on Wednesday.

Once this podcast officially launches, you will hear real-life case studies from the marketers at brands like KISSmetrics, HubSpot, Moz, AWeber, Wistia, and Citrix — to name a few.

But today, I want to take you behind the scenes to show you exactly how this podcast came about in the first place. So let’s get started.

The Epiphany that Launched a Podcast: What Every Marketer Wants, and Almost No One Delivers

As I’m sure you have noticed, there are plenty of fantastic podcasts in the marketing space. So why create another one?

Well, like many things worth doing, ConversionCast started with a simple, elegant idea. That idea went something like this…

“What if you could create a podcast that ONLY shared marketing results?”

ConversionCast ResizedAs in, no marketing theories. No “thought leaders” sharing their ideas to boost their personal brands, or give opinions for hours on end.

This podcast would share the one thing marketers want to hear — real-world results. I’m talking about case studies, split tests and analytics that show what’s working for the most respected marketers on the planet.

This idea first came to light over six months ago. But it didn’t truly take shape until Tim Paige took over as the producer, host and leader of ConversionCast.

 Meet the “Cool Guy” Running the Show

If you don’t know Tim, he’s just about the coolest guy you’ll ever meet.

Our CEO, Clay calls Tim, “the Kanye West of Podcasting.” The name fits considering Tim has produced an impressive 21 different podcasts, and is now about to host a podcast for our audience of over 60,000.

Tim blew in the door on his first day as Podcast Producer and started saying things like: “Oh no, we’ll need to do this for ConversionCast…” Honestly, even us seasoned marketers at LeadPages weren’t entirely sure what “this” entailed.

So Tim quickly took over and started running the show — literally.

Ever since then, Tim has quietly and meticulously built every facet of ConversionCast from the ground-up. That includes finding and interviewing his own all-star marketing guests for each quick, powerful episode of ConversionCast.

Meet Tim Paige: Besides being a Podcast Producer who has created 21 different podcasts, Tim has also been in marketing and sales for the past decade.
Meet Tim: Besides creating 21 different podcasts in the past, Tim has also been in marketing and sales for the past decade.

To date, Tim has already interviewed over 45 of the world’s leading marketers for soon-to-be-released episodes of ConversionCast.

All of these marketers come from big-name brands like Citrix, AWeber, HubSpot, Moz, Buffer, Udemy, Wistia, Ontraport and KISSmetrics — again, to name a few.

Here’s what’s fascinating: Every one of these game-changing brands brings real-world results to every episode of ConversionCast. (In fact, these marketers are not allowed to speak about anything except their recent marketing results on this podcast.)

It’s impressive to say the least.

You’ll see what I mean on Wednesday, when ConversionCast officially launches.

In the meantime, what do you think about LeadPages launching a podcast? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

  • stringnikolic

    fricking sweet! looking forward to hearing results without theories. I prefer the “see monkey, do monkey” approach when it’s coming from proven results. (me being the monkey)

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Awesome! We’re looking forward to it too. 🙂

    • I couldn’t agree more! There’s nothing wrong with theory, but I tend to not want to do until I know someone’s done it and it’s worked!

  • MarcFarron

    Looking forward to it

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Nice! Thanks Marc.

    • Thank you Marc!

  • I’m excited to start listening. Going to load it up in PocketCasts right away!

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Nice! Thanks Adam. 🙂

    • I love it. Thanks Adam! Let us know what you think!

  • Oh is there a registration page or somewhere we can sign up to get reminded of the hangout? Event page on G+?

  • WOW I haven’t been this exited for the launch of a podcast since…well… EntrepreneurOnFire!

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Awesome to hear! Thanks John. 🙂

    • John, you’re the man!

  • This is going to be fantastic! Really looking forward to it. Going to be an immediate success I am sure

    • Thanks Matt! That would be great. I’m definitely looking forward to helping people move their businesses forward.

      • Kat Von Rohr

        I second that! Thanks Matt. 🙂

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Couldn’t agree more! Thanks Matt. 🙂

  • Congrats Tim and Clay! Tim, great tip on that one line to increase conversions on webinar form..thanks

    • Thanks Dr. Weisz! That was a great one, and it worked well for them!

      • Kat Von Rohr

        Thanks for the kind words Dr. Weisz! Our entire team appreciates it.

      • You guys are too funny..Jeremy will do, unless you are in Chicago and come in the office then you can call me Dr. J 😉

        • I HAVE to call you Dr. J now! That’s fantastic.

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Thanks for the kind words Dr. Weisz! Our entire team appreciates it.

  • StefanSandin

    Exciting 🙂
    Looking forward to have them coming in to my iPhone

  • What a great idea! This podcast is going to sky-rocket I can already tell…

    • Anthony! I love it, thanks buddy!

  • So Exciting! I’m officially addicted to split testing now! LeadPages™ makes it so easy and fun at the same time! I have some sweet split test info to share with you guys very soon. Aloha!

    • Adam, that’s awesome to hear!! Definitely hope you’ll share that info, and maybe on the podcast? eh? eh?! 🙂

      • Aloha Tim! Oh yes, I’m happy to share. Podcast sounds great. 🙂 I’ll email you guys the info shortly so you can see what I have been testing. Have an outstanding day!

  • are you serious??? 20 SOMETHING PODCASTS?? Where is Tim’s program or product on doing podcasts? Where is that leadpage? LOL

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Haha! Too funny Darren! You’ll just have to subscribe to Tim’s podcast to learn more. 😀

    • Haha, thanks Darren! It’s been a fun ride. Never been THIS excited about one though!

  • Awesome awesome awesome

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Love it! Thanks James. 🙂

    • Thanks James!!

  • Looking forward to it. I’ve been inspired by listening to Clay in the interviewees seat. Needless to say I’m surprised that Clay’s not going to be in the driver’s seat on the podcast, but my ears are open for new voices bringing awesomeness to the podcast waves.

    • Kat Von Rohr

      That’s fantastic to hear Syd — thank you. I’ll pass your compliments onto Clay. As for ConversionCast, the “awesomeness” has already begun. 🙂 ConversionCast is live on iTunes. Check it out at, and leave us a review to tell us what you think.

      • Cool. Super-stoked to see that you’re already rocking it on Stitcher. Ep. 1 under-the-belt. No surprise—unique data-driven content.

        Here’s an idea for a quick tweak. You might want to consider starting the description column with the name of your guest.

        Congrats to all on the podcast launch!

        • Syd, you’re awesome! Thanks so much for the compliments and the suggestion. It’s something we’ve been wrestling with and will have to consider again!

          • You’re welcome! I hear you on “wrestling” and having “to consider again”.

            Excellence is a journey, not a destination!

  • Awesome! I am very interested in the psychology and the science of conversion and motivation and why people buy from some places and not from other and what makes them fans. I am really looking forward to this podcast to say the least! 🙂