Announcing: The LeadPages Template Marketplace Is Now Live

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The LeadPages landing page template marketplace is THE place for you to buy templates Get 100% Commissions On All Templates You Sell In The LeadPages Marketplace! Click Here To Get On The Early Bird List.

Today we’re incredibly excited to announce the preliminary beta launch of the LeadPages landing page template marketplace. We’ve been building up the release of this marketplace for quite a while and LeadPages users have been clamoring to get access for good reason. This is the first marketplace of its kind where you can buy landing page templates, sell landing page templates for 100% commissions and sort templates by average conversion rate. You can check the marketplace out of yourself at Market.LeadPages. net but before you do, allow me to show you around.

When you go to the new marketplace, you can see a list of all the templates that are available to purchase. Now please note as always we’ll continue to make and release awesome new templates right inside of LeadPages at no additional cost for all LeadPages customers. With the new marketplace, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase templates creative by outside authors that you can then use within your LeadPages account. There are all kinds of templates available and more are going to be added on a weekly basis. There are opt-in pages, sales pages, video pages, webinar pages, sales pages for eBooks, B2B pages and mini sites, thank you pages and much more. You’ll want to check that often to see what new templates are being added as some of the brightest minds in digital marketing and conversion optimized design are busy designing new templates for the marketplace at this very moment. You can see the thought leaders such as Eban Pagan, Pat Flynn, Ryan Deiss and Ezra Firestone have already contributed templates to the marketplace. As you get to looking at templates, if you hover a template you can see an expanded view of it and if you’d like to get a full preview of a template, simply click on it and live preview of the template will be generated.

Now you can take a look at every element of the page to see if it’s a template you’d like to purchase. You can learn a little bit about that author of the page. If you think a template is amazing you can easily share it on social media by clicking these buttons and you can also read comments left by other users of the marketplace or you can leave your own comments and join the discussion going on about the templates.

If you see a template you’d like to purchase, simply click on the template and you’ll be brought into the preview window. From there, just click on the purchase button in the top right corner. If you have a LeadPages account enter in your account details in the box and click log in and continue. You’ll see that the card used to purchase our LeadPages account will be charged the price of the template. Check that you’ve read and understand the terms of service and then confirm the purchase. If you don’t have a LeadPages account click no I do not have a LeadPages account You’ll be asked for your information to purchase. When you purchase a template, it comes with a free 30-day trial of LeadPages so you can easily customize and deploy the page on your site. With the free 30-day trial of LeadPages that you get with the template purchase, you’ll also be able to use the 80+ other templates already inside of LeadPages as well as LeadBoxes our two-step opt-in boxes that you can post anywhere that you can use an HTML link.

After the free 30-days, you’ll be charged $37 per month for your LeadPages standard monthly subscription. Now I need to point out here that an active LeadPages subscription is necessary for continued access and use of marketplace templates. That’s why we’re giving you 30 days to test out LeadPages for free.

Once you purchase a template, you’ll be immediately routed to the template editor to start customizing your page. If you’re not ready to customize the page right now, you can access the page later inside of your LeadPages account by viewing templates and then selecting premium templates here on the left. This is where you’ll see every template that you’ve purchased from the marketplace. If you’d like to be a marketplace template author, we invite you to join the waiting list. We’re getting ready to start onboarding new template authors in the very near future. In case you didn’t know, marketplace authors get 100% commissions minus any transaction fees on all template sales. We have over 20,000 customers and less than ten marketplace authors at the moment. So you can see this is a huge opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something huge. This could be an incredible income opportunity if you’d like to sell a template in the marketplace.

There’s a link below where you can sign up to be on our notification list to be notified when you’ll be able to sell your templates in the LeadPages marketplace. Again, we’re so excited to finally be able to launch the new LeadPages marketplace. It’s a fantastic resource for finding different templates, discussing various templates with other marketplace users, and if you’re a template designer, it’s a great place to sell your designs. Right now, there’s a handful of brand new templates available in the marketplace and we’re adding new templates every single week. Starting Tuesday November 4th, any would be able to upload a custom template to sell in the marketplace. So go to right now and start browsing and if you see a page you like, purchase it and add it to your arsenal of high converting landing pages.

I’m Jeff Wenberg we’ll see you at

  • Brian

    Love it!! Eben Pagan’s template is out of this world!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Brian, thanks man! Yeah Eben’s template is so cool! We’re really excited to have it in the marketplace!

      • Jeff’s real estate template ain’t too shappy either 😉

        • Jeff Wenberg

          Stop! You’re making me blush! haha. Thanks so much for checking it out man!

  • I’ve been dreaming of this moment since before we started LeadPages. So happy about this humble beta launch.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Oh Jes…hell yeah man!

    • LOVE IT!

    • Congrats, Clay!

    • So awesome, happy for you man and look forward to contributing!

    • Brilliant idea! Looking forward to seeing the creations that will come out of this.

  • Brandon Breshears

    This is awesome i have been loving leadpages so dang much since I started using you guys a couple weeks ago.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Brandon, that’s great to hear everything is going well! Make sure to keep us posted on your progress by sharing urls to pages we can check out! 🙂

  • AJ

    So stoked and ready to begin gobbling up the pages… but I only see the 1 page from ryan deiss. Help! 🙂

    • Hey AJ, sorry to hear about that. Give our support team a shout at and they should be able to help sort that out for you.

  • Noah

    WIll lead pages also keep putting out new free templates? Curious to hear what would motivate you to want to release any more free templates when you can instead put them in the market place and make an extra buck?

    • Hey Noah, yup, we’ll continue to regularly release new free templates inside LeadPages for customers! 🙂

    • Noah, just to elaborate a little more here, the Marketplace is designed as an ecosystem where third-party designers and developers can sell their own templates, and has a 100% COMMISSION — that means that any revenue from template sales goes directly to the independent author of the template. LeadPages keeps $0.00 of that.

      So the motivation for LeadPages to release new free templates is the same as it’s always been; to get more customers and make them happy.

  • Great job on the marketplace! Looking forward to seeing this grow.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Thanks Christian! So are we!


    This is a great feature . . . but if there is any way to speed up the preview download time that would make it even better! Goodl uck.

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Thanks RBPRO, we are working on it for sure!

  • Alex

    I took a look and those coupon templates that are displayed in the video is not actually showing up when you visit Tried with several browsers.

    • Chris J K Lewis

      Any news on the coupon templates that seem to have gone?

      • Jeff Wenberg

        Hi Alex and Chris, there were some issues with the templates so we had to take them down. Ezra will be resubmitting some templates for your viewing pleasure very shortly.

  • This is really a different Idea but will be good one for both seller and buyer. Cool

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Thanks Harry! We are really excited about it.

  • Just wondering if non-LeadPages members will be able to purchase and use these templates.

    • Hi Robb, yes! If you’re not a LeadPages customer, you get a free 30-day trial of LeadPages when you purchase any Marketplace template. This will give you 30 days to try out and publish the Marketplace template you purchase (as well as the 80+ templates inside LeadPages and other tools like LeadBoxes).

  • Jen Rohlen

    Love you guys so much! Thank you so much for all you do at leadpages it is a game changer for people like me. It makes things so much easier! I also love the new marketplace! Quick question, for example the food truck sales page template. Where would this go in your marketing funnel? We are currently setting up your suggested lead pages 4 page model. Would I set this page up as a page in wordpress? How do customers get back to the blog from here? Or is is just set up as an independent page that you drive traffic to and then the prospect buys or leaves? Sorry if this is a dumb question. Thanks again!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Hey Jen, glad to hear you’re loving LeadPages! Our aim is to make things easy, so glad to hear it’s working! 🙂 Great question. The Pat Flynn sales page would function as a sales page where both cold, and warm traffic would eventually end up. So for example if you had an opt-in page that added people to your funnel once they opted in, they’d see all the emails and pages you’ve set up to use as your marketing funnel. Eventually your funnel would lead people to the sales page. This sales page could also be an independent page you drive traffic to if you’re doing paid ads. As far as where you host the page, that’s up to you. You could host it on wordpress, or use the LeadPages generated url. Hope that helps!

      • Jen Rohlen

        Thank you so much! I am going to try it!

        • Jeff Wenberg

          Awesome, post a url when you’re done. Would love to take a look!

  • Chris J K Lewis

    Brilliant idea, thanks for making this available. Just wondering, where has the ‘Mississipi Muffin top template gone?

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Thanks Chris! There were some issues with the templates so we had to take them down. Ezra will be resubmitting some templates for your viewing pleasure very shortly.

      • Chris J K Lewis

        Thanks for the clarification Jeff 🙂

      • Chris J K Lewis

        Any update on this Jeff? Eager to get started using this template?

        • Jeff Wenberg

          No updates Chris. I would plan on them not being back online. Not sure what the new templates will look like, or when they’ll be submitted unfortunately.

  • The new templates & marketplace are great! 🙂 Love it!

    • Jeff Wenberg

      Thanks Christoph!