Announcing LeadLinks™: This Year’s Biggest Update To LeadPages (So Far)

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The Importance Of 2 Step Opt-ins

Boost Webinar Attendance With This Webinar Registration Thank You Page


LeadLinks: A Quick Step-by-Step Guide

LeadLinks make it easier than ever before for your prospects to opt-in to your lists, sub-lists and webinars.

Simply copy and paste a LeadLink into your broadcast emails, and your prospects can instantly register for your list, sub-list, or your webinar by only clicking your LeadLink. No need to opt-in, or give additional information.

Once your prospect clicks your LeadLink to register, your prospect will be instantly added to the list or webinar that you’ve selected.

Here’s How It Works…

Step #1: Set-up your integrations: Select which email service provider that you will use to build your list with this LeadLink. Note: At this time, you can not use a LeadLink to build your list inside 1ShoppingCart, due to its terms of service.

Step #2: Select the email service provider that you’re using to send this email. Note: The email service provider (ESP) you use to send out this email can be different from the ESP that you’re using to build your list. For example, you might use MailChimp to send out this email, but still use Infusionsoft to build your list.

Note: If your integration service does NOT appear in the drop-down menu, you can still use a LeadLink to send out this email. Just replace [email] and [name] form fields with the appropriate format for your service.

Step #3: Copy this LeadLink, and then paste it into your email.

That’s it! You’re done. You’re ready to start using LeadLinks to boost your conversions on any list you create from now on.

Important note: LeadLinks are especially helpful when affiliates mail their list about joining your webinars or list.

To use this feature for affiliates: Simply create a LeadLink for your affiliate for the ESP they will use to broadcast your email. Keep in mind: Your affiliate’s ESP can be different than the ESP you’re using to build your list.

Once your affiliate drops this unique LeadLink into their email, your affiliate’s prospects can sign-up for your webinar or other list with a single click.

If you have any questions, our customer support team is standing by to help. Simply submit a support ticket, and our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Don’t Have LeadLinks Yet?

If you’re a pro LeadPages member, you already have access to LeadLinks. You can jump into the members area and create your first LeadLink right now.

However, if you’re not already a pro LeadPages member, you will need to upgrade to “pro” status before you can start using LeadLinks.

You can upgrade your LeadPages account right now in minutes. Simply login to your LeadPages account, and click on “my account” in the upper right hand corner. Then click on “billing” and go to the “change subscription tab.” From that tab, you can choose either the Pro monthly or Pro annual option to instantly upgrade your account.

Again, have questions? Our customer support team would love to help you out.


Before LeadPages came on to the scene, most people were using a one-step opt-in process, well one-step opt-in process is like this where you just have an opt-in right on the page and it’s only one step. We found on average you could increase relative conversion by 30% by going from a one-step opt-in process to a two-step opt-in process. Now it’s a two-step opt-in process because this is step 1 by clicking on this button and then step 2 is submitting your information. I’ll link to some videos below explaining why two-step opt-ins are so effective.

The two-step opt-in is why LeadBoxes opt-ins and many of our templates outperform a standard one-step opt-in. What I’m about to show you got us close to a 100% conversion rate. It’s the zero step opt-in process. Without further ado, let me introduce LeadLinks to you. LeadLinks allows you to create a landing page that converts at 100% every time by not actually having a landing page at all. Making it as easy as possible for people to opt-in to your list, your sublist or to register for a webinar is the key to increasing your opt-ins and registrations. If they can for instance register for an upcoming webinar by clicking one link in an email you send them and they’re instantly registered without having to fill in details, the likelihood that they’ll register is much greater than if they have to click the link in the email, go to a standard webinar registration page and enter in a bunch of information.

People tend to not like opting for something else when they’ve already opted in once so basically you get one shot to do everything. LeadLinks maximizes that one shot. As I said earlier the easier it is for people to do something the more people will do it. LeadLinks now allows you to create an opt-in or a registration link that you can email to your list which allows them to opt-in to your other list, your sublist or register for a webinar by simply clicking one link that’s it. No typing in detail just click the link and you’re done. Let’s look at how to set up a LeadLink for my next mailing. In LeadPages, click on LeadLinks at the top then select to create new LeadLink. Here, you’ll see all the directions for setting up your LeadLinks in case you need to refer to them later.

Step 1, you’ll need to create the email that you’ll be sending to your list. For this example, I’m going to mail about an upcoming webinar, however LeadLinks works for more than just webinars. This is just the example that I’ll be using in this video. Step 2, I’ll need to select the email service providers that I’ll be using to both send out my email and to build my list. We need to select the integration we want to use to build our list and which list we want people added to. Since this will be for a webinar, I’ll select to integrate to GoToWebinar, that way when someone clicks my link they’re automatically registered for my webinar and they’re added to my list.

Now select an email service provider that you’ll use to send out the email from this dropdown and LeadLinks will automatically populate the link with the right variables. For example if I choose the icon tag it will show these variables or if I select get response it shows these variables. If the email service provider you or your affiliates are using to send out the email aren’t in this list, just replace the email and the name form fields with the appropriate format for the service you want to use. So when someone clicks on this link it not only adds them to a sublist, it registers them for a webinar and it delivers a lead magnet.

The email service provider you use to send out this email can be different from the email service provider you’re using to build your list. So an affiliate could use MailChimp to send out this email while I’m using get response to build my list. Now this is where LeadLinks is different from other platforms. There’s lots of marketing automation programs that allow you to create one click opt-ins if you’re mailing your own list but we’re the only servers we know of that allows you to create these automated links when someone else is sending the email to their own list yet when someone clicks the link, they’re added to your list. An example of this will be if you’re doing an affiliate webinar.

I do need to note that due to their terms of service, you can’t use LeadLinks to add people to a 1ShoppingCart list. However, you can create a link with LeadLinks and mail that link to your list using 1ShoppingCart. So if your affiliates use 1ShoppingCart, they can mail out your link, but that link can’t be used to add people to a 1ShoppingCart list. Also, I want to point out that you do need to state in your email that all they need to do is click the link to sign up. You don’t want to be fooling people into signing up for things. You need to point out that when they click the link they’re automatically signed up. That way everything is on up and up and they’re aware of what’s going on.

Now something really cool with LeadLinks is you can send an email after someone opts in on this LeadLink. So for this example, if I were sending a webinar workbook, I could turn this on, add my file to be sent out and now when someone opts-in they’ll not only be registered for my webinar and added to my list they’ll also be sent this webinar workbook I just selected.

Step 3 is to create a thank you page that your attendees see once they register. Since I’m using a webinar for my example, I’m going to use this webinar registration page I created as my thank you page. This page is built to increase webinar attendance and this page is awesome. So if you’d like more information about it, I’ll place a link below this video so you can check it out.

So I’ll add the URL of this page to my LeadLink then I’ll name the LeadLink and save the LeadLink. Now step 4 is to copy the code in your email. So I’ll get this code right here and then I’ll copy it and paste it into my email. Now when this email is sent out, I’ll click on this LeadLink. I’m registered for my webinar, add it to the list I’m building. I sent my webinar workbook and I’m taken into this webinar thank you page all with one click of a LeadLink.

Let’s talk about a couple of situations that LeadLinks are great for. Number 1 when you’re doing an internal webinar and you want your list to be on it, number 2 when you’re doing a promotion and you want to separate people into a sublist that’s just related to that promotion or launch and number 3 when an affiliate is mailing for one of your webinars. LeadLinks is an extremely powerful tool that’s seen incredible conversion rates. LeadLinks is available to pro members right now.

To get LeadLinks if you’re a LeadPages standard member, you’ll need to upgrade from standard to pro. To upgrade, first log into LeadPages, go to my account then click billing. Select change subscription and then join LeadPages pro at either the monthly level or the annual level. I recommend the annual level because you save 40% off the monthly rate. Then click here to upgrade to LeadPages pro annual. Confirm you want to upgrade and that’s it, your account is now upgraded and you can use LeadLinks. This is a huge release and we’re really excited to have you start using it.

I’m Jeff Wenberg. Godspeed to you and your conversions.

  • aj

    awesome feature! i use mailchimp primarily for my business but one of my partners lists is through we both market to this list for our brick and mortar offerings. can i create the leadlink and embed it inside mynewsletterbuilder there to direct users to our mailchimp list??

    • Absolutely. As long as the variable fields are populated you can absolutely do this.

      Warm regards,

  • Delanu

    I’m using amazon SES to send my emails, how can i integrate it with LeadLInks?

    • SES allows you to send emails, but it’s not an email service provider or CRM. You can *send* a lead link using any service including AmazonSES. But to accept new leads onto your list using LeadLinks you need to use one of the integrations listed on our sales page at

      • Delanu

        Clay, sorry i forgot to mention that i use with Amazon SES. If you are not familiar with i will put the question in another way, is there a way i can paste the html form generated in Digitalaccesspass in leadpages?

  • Ethan Semmel

    I see a lot of numbers about opt-in conversion rates improving with this or that template or change to a page. However, does it follow suit that sales conversions increase as well?

    If you are converting 10% of your leads into customers and you increase conversions by 30% are you still getting 10% of them to become customers? Or did you increase opt-ins by 30%, but now your leads to customers conversion rate went down to 9%?

    If there is some effort that the user must overcome to opt-in, doesn’t it stand to reason that that person makes a better prospect because they chose to do the “work” to opt-in. They will have to do some work to fill out a form to order something. Whereas, if you make it so easy to opt-in, perhaps these are worse prospects, more freebie seekers, etc.

    • Ethan, your logic doesn’t quite work.

      Yes, it could be true that the people prepared to jump through some hoops to opt in may be more likely to be a better prospect. But if you make opting in easier you still get those people. They don’t look at the opt-in form and think “nope, too easy”.

      With a difficult opt-in process you only get the people desperate to opt-in. With an easy process you get them, plus the people who would have been put off by the difficulty. Some of them could become buyers too. Maybe not as high a %. But it’s all additive and it’s all more sales.

      • @Ian Brodie:disqus this is really a brilliant response. Thank you for adding to the conversation. I wanted to add that if you have a low barrier to opt-in, you can still have additional steps AFTER folks have opted in to further qualify them. So you can have lists with folks that are qualified at different levels.

      • Ethan Semmel

        Ian, actually I think your words sort of back up my statement. Yes, making the opt in process take some effort “may be more likely” to be a better prospect. Of course if you make the optin process very easy you will get those people – nobody would argue that.

        But, assuming your opt-in form gives away something free in return for the opt-in you also make it extra easy for people to opt-in who have no intention of buying and just want your free thing.

        Yes, maybe your overall number of sales does go up, but at the same time…It’s not ALL additive

        Your email list grows, but they are people who have no intention of ever buying what you sell. According to some email service providers, when less people are opening your emails and interacting with them your email delivery rate can drop.

        Your cost’s go up because your list is larger, you need more bandwidth and you have to spend more time on customer service for prospects who are only taking up time and costing money.

        The assumption is that more opt-ins will definitely lead to more sales. For some markets this may be true, but not for other markets.

        It’s all theory and speculation but the main thing that matters in the end is if net income is increased.

        • eduleadership

          Well said—Chris Goward makes the same point in You Should Test That. Especially when you are buying PPC traffic, you don’t want to chase lower-quality leads…but that’s not really the situation here.

          True, more opt-ins will not necessarily lead to more sales. But will it lead to fewer sales? No, as Ian pointed out, that’s not really possible. Your sales conversion rate could drop, but there’s not really a scenario where revenue could drop.

          I would guess the only problem comes if you’re not being clear with people what they’re getting, and they get mad because they were misled or confused in some way. Other than that, I try not to assume that I know what will lead people to buy. Sometimes people go from no indication that they’re interested, straight to a huge purchase.

        • Raphaël Rousseau

          If opt-in becomes easier and painless, then move your bribe to another level: give it away at the end of the webinar instead of just after the subscription process. What you send before the webinar is just a preparatory document with fill-in-the-blanks for easing the notes during the webinar… I even wonder if there isn’t already such an article on the Leadpages website…

        • Hi Ethan, you’re right that your costs may go up from having a bigger list – but list costs are usually a tiny proportion of your business expenses.
          You’re also right that having more non-responders on your list can damage your overall delivery rate. But the best way to combat that is to keep your lists clean and remove people who aren’t opening/clicking. That way you’re removing genuine non-responders rather than assuming in advance that non-responders won’t jump a hurdle to opt in. (You could argue for example that a freebie-seeker will jump many hurdles to get a freebie. It’s the payment they baulk at)


    • eduleadership

      Your sales conversion rate might go down, yes, because you might have less-interested leads. But I can’t see how your revenue would go down. Your goal isn’t to have a high sales conversion rate; it’s to have high sales, so it doesn’t matter if a lower percentage of people on your list buy, as long as more people overall are buying.

      • I agree with this also. Revenue is more important than conversion rate. I’d rather have a sales page that coverts at .05% and make a billion per year 🙂 … than a sales page that converts at 50% and makes $500,000 per year.

        • Ethan Semmel

          I would rather have the billion than the $500k too.
          But that’s a huge difference in income that I don’t think could happen from increasing your opt-in rate 30-40%

          • I’ve never claimed that this huge difference would come from increasing opt-in rate 30%-40%. My point is that it’s possible to have a drop in conversion rate but an increase in revenue. And that you have to chose which metric you care about most.

          • Ethan Semmel

            Yes, I understood you were using the huge difference in numbers to try and prove a point. I didn’t think you were using an actual example.

            That being said, I do think you have a good product here and I love that you keep adding features. The only way to know if they will work for a persons market is for people to test it.

  • Raphaël Rousseau

    I guessed it right! What did I win? 🙂

    • Hi Raphaël! Great guess. Unfortunately we we’re offering a prize. But you win the honor of knowing that you have great guessing skills 🙂

      • Raphaël Rousseau

        I was hoping a PRO account upgrade for my existing Leapages one… Did you try challenges for increasing conversion rates ?!

        • Hi @raphalrousseau:disqus… thanks for writing! You wrote: “Did you try challenges for increasing conversion rates?” but I’m not sure what you mean. Would you mind explaining further?

          Warm regards,

          • Raphaël Rousseau

            @Clay Collins, sorry for the misunderstanding (pardon my French, English is not my mother tongue…). I was wondering if “challenges” are a good opt-in bribe, compared to ebooks, free consultations, audio or video recordings.

          • It really depends on the traffic, the copy, the value proposition etc. I would suggest split testing 🙂

          • Raphaël Rousseau

            @claycollins:disqus, thanks for the suggestion!

    • Kerwin McKenzie

      Just cheers from your peers :-). Cheers…

      • Raphaël Rousseau

        Thanks Kerwin! Sincerely, just for having taken the time to post it!

  • Raphaël Rousseau

    Hi Leadpages team, could you point out precisely why it’s forbidden by AWeber T.O.S.? (post a screenshot of the T.O.S. while highlighting the clause, thx)

    • That’s asking a lot. You should go research it yourself.

      • Raphaël Rousseau

        @Kevin Geary:disqus, as the video stated it was possible for AWeber, I thought it was a matter of T.O.S. not technical concerns. But finally, it seems to be a technical impossibility (even if it’s related to AWeber policy)… Thanks to you & to @claycollins:disqus!

    • Hi Raphaël, if you have any questions about the AWeber terms of service and the interpretation thereof, please see AWeber’s support. They’d love to help you out. Also, for clarification… you can use AWeber to mail your list with a LeadLink included. You just can’t use LeadLinks to add new subscribers to an AWeber list.

      • Jose Cernuda

        Clay, can you move people in Aweber from one Aweber list to another Aweber list (both lists that you own)?

  • So if aWeber doesn’t allow a subscription to the subscriber list (I imagine b/c they subscribe to the double opt in policy more than most providers), is there a WORKAROUND? What do you suggest as an alternate process?
    thank you

    • The only workaround that I know of is to use another service like MailChimp, OfficeAutopilot, InfusionSoft, etc. If you’re doing webinars, you can integrate with GoToWebinar without using a secondary integration like AWeber.

  • Ben

    Is this not the same as AWprotools?

    • Great question, Ben!

      I honestly have no idea. I’ve never used that and can’t provide an intelligent comparison.

      Warm regards,

      • Carol Solomon

        I haven’t used AW Protools (yet) but one of the main features is that you CAN add people to a new sub list with one click. So I’m also curious what the difference is or why they don’t allow leadlinks.

        • Hi Carol, thanks for the comment. One point that should be made here is that there’s no such thing as a sub-list with AWeber. All lists are on equal footing and there is no technical hierarchy among different lists.

          That said, one of the main differences between LeadLinks and other services is that LeadLinks allows you to create a link that can be used anywhere. So an affiliate can send a link to their list via InfusionSoft, but when someone clicks on the like they’re added to your MailChimp list.

          Warm regards,

    • Jack

      Ben, no it’s not the same as AW Pro Tools. I’m the founder of AW Pro Tools.

      AW Pro Tools gives you the ability to do things like move, copy, or tag based on a number of triggers. One is clicking a link, but also visiting a page or reaching the end of another sequence.

      AW Pro Tools does a full “choose your own adventure” style automation.

      It’s apples and oranges. AW Pro Tools is not designed to do what LeadPages does – just as LeadPages is not designed to do what AW Pro Tools does.

      I’m only answering this here to provide clarity.

      • Thanks for your participation in the conversation, Jack! I really appreciate it.

        Warm regards,

  • Looks Great but where is the list of companies that do accept leadlinks so i know who to sign up to. I just went to start one but it said not integrated (i am only integrated with aweber) however did not offer any suggestions of who i could use. Looks awesome .

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Great question. You can build your list with LeadLinks using other email service providers (ESPs) that integrate with LeadPages including…

      1. Infusionsoft
      2. GoToWebinar
      3. MailChimp
      4. iContact
      5. MadMimi
      6. GetResponse
      7. OfficeAutopilot
      8. ConstantContact
      9. SendReach

      Also, we have an “other” category, that allows you to integrate with other email service providers — in case you would rather not use one of the ESPs above. Our customer support team would be happy to help you with this if you have any questions.

      Warm regards,

      • Cheers Kat. Most helpful cheers

      • Kevin Porter

        Do any of those do single opt-in?

  • Scott Colby

    When I click on Account, I don’t have a “Billing” option. In fact I don’t remember 2 levels of membership when I joined.

  • Kerwin McKenzie

    I’m not sure I like this. Most customers don’t read, so this may create customer service issues on the backend. You’d then have the ones who are upset unsubscribe and complain (perhaps why Aweber and 1Shopping Cart have not given the go ahead). Maybe there needs to be an “Are You Sure” page in between where it shows their information in the fields and ask them to confirm the details. People hate to type in info is the issue I believe. Or this information (name and email) could be displayed in the email they receive with a note to Click here and immediately sign up for blah, blah…

    I’d rather them really want the products and go through the “lengthy” process that currently exists. I just did a promo and got a sublist with a 2.9% opt-in rate. I’m happy with that as I know that these people entered their names and email addresses and really wanted to be opted in. But maybe this is just me.

    • I totally get where you’re coming from here. And I think that you *should* use your best instincts about what tools to use and not use. If you want to use LeadLinks we’re 100% here to help you. If you don’t that’s no problem at all. Thanks for sharing your reasoning.

      Warm regards,

      • Kerwin McKenzie

        Thanks. It’s a good option. Don’t get me wrong, I just have to figure out if it will work for my audience as they are finicky :-).
        So for clarification. If I’m building a new list using Aweber, I can’t use LeadLinks, but if I have an existing list and am building a sub-list, I can. Correct @claycollins:disqus?

    • Scott Desgrosseilliers

      Good point – but it’s cool to have the option. Sub-lists specifically proven in the past to be responsive to your webinars would work well with this.

      • I agree. I think it’s a matter of knowing your list, and using this tool in an appropriate manner, and testing different approaches.

  • Scott Desgrosseilliers

    Great job Leadpages.

    Any chance that the next thing on the list is the ability to pass google UTM parameters into form hidden fields?

    2014 trend articles seem to be all about marketing data that is actionable. If I can tie Google analytics + Google Adwords with Leadpages and then store the variables into my CRM, I know which content/source/keyword led to the customer conversion. And that means many happy returns for the clients, my firm, and LeadPages…since every client will be on it at that point.

    Keep up the great work either way.,

    • Great suggest! Give us two weeks on this 🙂

      • Juan Martitegui

        Clay this is what we’ve been doing with the tool you created for us.

        • Scott Desgrosseilliers

          Hi Juan, do you mean ? I loved the idea, but with 2-step optin, it is not passing the variables all the way through. At least from my efforts

          • Yeah, that worked with our older integrations and template system. We’ve since upgraded it and are creating a more integrated and user friendly way to allow people to pass variables.

          • Scott Desgrosseilliers

            Hi Clay, any update on this? I’m taking part in a conversion
            optimization course that starts next week. In order to use leadpages with my clients and the course, Leadpages needs to be able to pass the UTM variables for segmentation purposes. Fingers crossed..

        • Yes… what we created for you works with our older integrations and template system. We’ve since upgraded it and are creating a more integrated and user friendly way to allow people to pass variables.

      • Scott Desgrosseilliers

        Awesome! I’d be happy to guest blog about the results if you wish.

  • Thanks, Trent! I so appreciate the kind words.

    Warm regards,

  • Awesome, this is powerful and a hugely convenient, thanks Clay & Team. Do you have any plans to integrate this with GVO? Myself and quite a few of my affiliates and customers use GVO and this would massively streamline things for us.

    • Great question iMaq.

      Unfortunately, I can’t make promises about the product roadmap at this time. As soon as we have any updates on this front I’ll let you know ASAP.

      Warm regards,

      • Great, look forward to future developments!

  • CR

    can this be used on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    • It works in any environment where you can pre-populate the email field variable.

      • eduleadership

        Thanks for this clarification—that one sentence helps me understand the whole product much more clearly!

  • Jeff

    As a lead pages member very bummed that this great upgrade is being touted but now we’re being forced to spend 2X more to use it. Not cool IMHO

    • Hi Jeff… thanks for your comment.

      You’re not being forced to buy this upgrade. It’s available if you want it, but it’s not required to use LeadPages.

      We continue to provide upgrades and features enhancements to all areas of the app (including this enhancement to the pro version of LeadPages).

      We are delivering on everything we promised when you purchased LeadPages and nothing is being taken away from you.

      We’ll continue to add new templates, and provide regular feature updates (we recently added LeadBoxes which all of our customers can use). And next week we’re adding a huge update that’s available to all of our members.

      Warm regards,

      • Bill

        I agree with Jeff – then why wasn’t lead boxes restricted also? Bad move for paying members I feel we all should have access to this feature as standard

      • Alex

        Clay, I fully support your argumentation.

        Being a LeadPages member since almost the beginning I got split testing and LeadBoxes for free.

        Thank you and your team for that!

        And bitching about not being a free update is not very constructive – either use it and make money (and then 200 bucks are not much to invest in your business) or keep your voice low.

  • Helmut_KaTaSee

    Looks like adding people to a list in Aweber won’t be available for a long time, if ever. That true? Thanks!

    • Great question, Helmut! It’s not really up to us, and it’s not really under our control. If the situation changes we’ll certainly update everyone.

      Warm regards,

  • David

    Hi, Leadpages.

    It’s a great way to buy affiliate mailings!
    But, can leadlinks be applied to every autoresponder?Technically?
    I’m not sure how to create that link properly. But I see an awesome opportunity to test it.

    Maybe someone can create a little tutorial on that?


    • Hi David,

      Thanks for your comment. We do have a tutorial provided in this blog post. Please see the video above.

      You wrote “can leadlinks be applied to every auto responder?” but I’m not sure what you mean by “applied to every auto-responder”. Emails with LeadLinks in them can be sent via any auto responder. So in that sense it does work with every auto responder and instructions are included in the video above.

      Warm regards,

  • Clay …. I probably already know the answer, but I’ll ask it again with fingers crossed. Any Integration with GR360 or only GR for this?

    **hoping the squeaky wheel might get the grease (know about 7 other “movers and shakers” hoping GR360 works with LP too.

    Remember… be a servant,

    Cory Boatright

    • Hi Cory,

      Great question. This absolutely works with GR. At some point we’ll integrate with GR360 when there’s enough demand. There are literally 30+ integrations that we need to do, so there are a lot of prioritization decisions.

      Thanks for your feedback. It’s always appreciated.

      Warm regards,

      • Melvin Lapp

        How about if you integrated LeadPages with Zapier, then we would be able to use it for lots of applications. I use Instant Customer and I would like a way to integrate LeadPages with Instant Customer.

        • Kat Von Rohr

          Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll be sure to pass it along. 🙂

      • Wait.. So you DO or DOnot support GR360? Your support team told me you do not. When did this change ?

    • Nevermind… we DO support GetReponse306. 🙂

  • Kevin Porter

    Fantastic! Though a question about affiliate mailing…

    I need my affiliates to be able to put their cookie tracking code into the link (ala clickbank for example), how is this possible when the link is put into the lead pages interface??

    • Hi Kevin,

      Unfortunately I don’t understand the question. You wrote: “how is this possible when the link is put into the lead pages interface??” I’m not sure what this means because the LeadPages interface creates the link. The link does not get put into our interface.

      If you want to use a re-direct link, just make your affiliate system generate an affiliate re-direct link that redirects to the LeadLinks link. That will work for you.

      Warm regards,

  • Epic!

  • Yup…I was right yesterday.

    Cool feature!

    • Dammit! Are we that obvious?

      • Raphaël Rousseau

        No, just up to the point! The right feature, at the right place, at the right time! 😉

  • Jaimee

    Hi Clay, Awesome new feature. I’ve attempted to find Leadlinks in my account, but it doesn’t appear to be showing up, I signed up with Leadpages in the initial launch so I can’t even remember whether I have a standard or pro account, but I don’t have the ‘billing’ area in their either to upgrade. Any info would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

    • So sorry about this. With a small number of our very early accounts, you’ll need to contact customer support in order to upgrade. You can contact customer support at

  • Very cool addition to LeadPages Clay.

    Perfect for marketers like me who tend to create products and offers as we grow. No more hitting your subscribers with multiple opt-in pages (unless you really want to of course)

    • I’m so glad that this will be useful for you. Thanks for the encouragement and the kind words.

      Warm regards,

  • What a cool idea. I really hope that shady marketers don’t abuse this too much… I just got finished with unsubscribing from about 250 e-mail lists from my shiny object syndrome days lol

    • I agree. Almost all marketing tools (like email) can be used for good or for evil.

  • Kathy Kawalec

    Can someone explain (novice here) how to use LeadLinks with the launch funnel? The Launch Funnel tutorial showed how to set up 3 separate opt-in pages, and force subscribers to re-subscribe for each video. I’m wondering how specifically to use the LeadLinks to avoid that, assuming that’s possible. And, how that works with the affiliate links as well.

    And, a related question: since MailChimp (my list/autoresponder provider) only allows an email one time per list, how does the Launch Funnel as described in the tutorial work? We are basically sending the same email to the same list three times, right?

    TIA for answers.

  • Bill

    You guys had me at hello originally until this…

    Tease about this great feature coming and then take-away because we don’t have a pro-account.

    I strongly believe this should be a standard tools in every account as is lead boxes – that is one of the reasons I recommend it so much previously.
    This is absolutely a forced way to get people to upgrade – so why didn’t you do this with lead boxes?

    Originally pro was for custom templates upload, additional support and training but the core products were available to everyone should be a core function to standard members and I am sure everyone would agree.

    Over to you…

    • Hi Bill,

      Thanks for your comment.

      You’re not being forced to buy this upgrade. It’s available if you want it (just like any other marketing product that you don’t currently own), but it’s not required to use LeadPages.

      We continue to provide upgrades and features enhancements to all areas of the app (including this enhancement to the pro version of LeadPages).

      We are delivering on everything we promised when you purchased LeadPages and nothing is being taken away from you.

      We’ll continue to add new templates, and provide regular feature updates (we recently added LeadBoxes which all of our customers can use). And next week we’re adding a huge update that’s available to all of our members.

      Warm regards,

      • Bill

        I appreciate your reply Clay

  • Would you say this is something to use primarily for webinar registrations?

    • It’s really up to you. You can use it to add people to sub-lists that kick off separate followup sequences. You can use it to add people to webinars. You’re really only limited by your creativity and imagination.

  • do you recommend douple opt in? (Confirmation email) for you main list and for your launch list like webinars?

    • There are so many educated opinions for and against double opt-in. We don’t require double opt-in, but don’t have an official preference on the matter. It’s really up to you.

  • When I login and click on the account menu, there’s no billing option.

  • Michael

    Clay, you rock sir!

    I use SendReach because they deliver everything I send. But I have always coveted the list segmentation features that the big services offer.

    NOT any more!

    Now I don’t have to ask my list to opt-in to other lists.

    I thought LeadBoxes would be hard to top.

    Thanks for a great feature.


    • Kat Von Rohr

      Awesome to hear! Thanks Michael. I’ll pass your compliments onto Clay. 😀

  • EtienneJ

    Truly an innovation. You guys are making history. Congrats.

  • Very cool new feature guys, you seem to release something exciting almost every week which is an amazing pace of innovation!

    This may not be something you’ve catered for yet, but I thought I’d at least see if it’s on the radar:

    A lot of us will likely have email lists which are a mix of email address-only records and records which also have a first name as well and others which have both names.

    Normally if we send an email-only person from our list to a webinar registration page, we pick up a first name & last name when they register and so have further populated our database.

    How does Leadlinks handle that scenario: taking a webinar registration for a person where we only have their email address and no names?

  • Manoj Atri

    It sounds great.
    Couple of quick queries.
    Are there instructions for free opt-in template, as after download it just wouldn’t get started. Second is your program works with Microsoft outlook 2010. Third if someone after choosing your program and after some months cancels, what happens to the templates which are active. Thanks

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Good questions.

      1) We generally don’t offer instructions with our free landing page templates. Instead we recommend you work with a developer, who can use the CSS code in these free templates to publish them on your own server.

      2) My apologies, but I’m not sure what you mean by the “program working with Microsoft outlook 2010.” If you’re referring to the thank you page in this video that lets your customers schedule your webinar on their Outlook calendars, then yes an older version of Outlook should still work. However, let me know if you’re referring to something else here.

      3) If you decide to cancel, you do own your pages and you can export them out of our system if you want to continue using them. Please know, however, that some integrations will stop working once you export a page out of our system. For example, it’s impossible to create a page that integrates with both AWeber and GoToWebinar without a backend server-side process supporting the page. Also, any back end analytics and testing features are happening on our servers (and these servers cost money to run) and therefore require our servers.

      So if you want to continue using your active pages, you do need to export them out of our system. But when you export those pages our of our system the pages will, in many cases, lose functionality (not because we want you to lose functionality . . . but because there is a fair amount of functionality that happens on our server; and this functionality is included in our monthly or yearly subscription cost). Hope that helps.

      Warm regards,

  • cblair109

    I signed up for LeadPages when it first came out, I realized the power of this early on, so I became a Lifetime member. Which included lifetime updates. Now I’m being told that, I’m not eligible for lead links, That I would have to sign up for a monthly plan. Can someone please tell me why is this? Over the past year I’ve receive every update you put out, including, LeadMagnet and LeadBoxes. Why am I now not receiving LeadLinks?

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Thanks for reaching out. We only offered a lifetime membership for a brief time (and therefore have few lifetime members), so you have a unique case here. Please submit a support ticket to our fantastic support team at and they’d be happy to sort this out for you.

      Warm regards,

      • Kat, that’s the problem, I did first try to get this resolved through
        the support system, And what I typed was the response I received. I was told that, I would now have to sign up for a monthly plan, despite the fact I have a lifetime membership. Sorry, I just don’t think that’s
        fair, since I’ve received every last prior new feature…

        • Kat Von Rohr

          I completely understand where you’re coming from. I’ll check on this and get back to you.

          • Thank you so much.

          • Kat Von Rohr

            No problem. Our fantastic support team is going to reach out to you directly about this.

            Warm regards,

          • Uri Lederman

            having the same issue here…. all prior PRO accounts should have been grandfathered as PRO accounts… what gives??

          • Kat Von Rohr

            Sorry about that. Please reach out to support team at to confirm your membership status. Thanks!

  • eyal

    so if i want to build my list in get respond can the leads be added there?
    I mean id someone else mail his email list and use the link i give him , is it mean that every click he get from his email mean new sub for me?

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Absolutely. You can use a LeadLink to build your list inside GetResponse. If you give one of your affiliates a LeadLink to mail on your behalf, then yes, whoever clicks on your LeadLink from his email list will become a new sub for you.

  • HoussemD

    One word, GENIUS!! One quick question though. Does LeadPages integrate with InfusionSoft? Thanks!

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Yes! We definitely integrate with Infusionsoft.

  • Jim Lefkowitz

    So, what happens when the reciepient does not have a first or last name )it’s blank in the ESP) and they try to register for GoToWebinar, which requires it..? Trying to workaround this

  • wonderful add-on… what does mean “internal” webinar? and why it works with only internal webinars? Thanks a lot