A/B Test: Which Landing Page Headline Increased Opt-ins by 123.38%?

Succeeding as a full-time artist takes both craftsmanship and a deep knowledge of one’s market. Fortunately for today’s featured A/B tester, the same two traits come in handy when you’re trying to write a great landing-page headline.

Knowledge of your market is especially crucial because an effective headline has to reflect your audience’s motivation for visiting your page in the first place. This is quite possibly the biggest influence on their decision to convert. It’s also something that you, as a business, can’t control.

But if you can’t control your visitors’ motivations, you can research them through A/B testing. That’s what Ann Rea of Artists Who Thrive did with a landing page offering her business plan for working artists.

In this A/B test, 2 headlines face off to determine what motivates Ann’s audience more: making money as fast as possible, or making money while retaining their integrity. Here are the headlines she tested:

  • “Learn the Step by Step Process I Used to Sell Over $100,000 of My Art in 2005 (My first year as a full time artist)”
  • “Learn the Step by Step Process I Used to Sell Over $100,000 of My Art (Without Feeling Like a Sell-Out)

Which version do you think increased opt-ins for this LeadPage® by 123.38%?

Go down to the comments and tell us which one you’d choose and why—then vote below to see if you were right!

Vote to reveal the winning A/B-tested LeadPage® and our analysis.

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Winner: Version B created an overall increase of 123.38%
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How People Voted

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If you chose Version B you are correct!

Version B, with a 100% probability of outperforming Version A, increased opt-ins by 123.38%.

Although we can’t say with total certainty why this change caused the increase, here are a few of my speculations:

1. Version A may speak to a more limited percentage of visitors in identifying full-time artists who are just starting out.

2. In her other messaging, Ann emphasizes creative freedom and the need to depart from traditional business plans. That may harmonize better with Version B’s message of avoiding selling out.

3. I should note that the copy below Ann’s call-to-action button is also different, though similar in content. While I suspect that the more prominent headline change is responsible for this version’s edge, it’s possible that something in Version B’s more detailed post-CTA copy may have helped.

Why do you think Version B outperformed Version A? Let us know in the comments!

Not all visitors are the same, but A/B testing your headlines may be something to consider for your own LeadPages®.

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What Do You Think?

Did this test’s results surprise you? Why do you think Version B increased conversions so dramatically? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

If you’re new to LeadPages, you should know that all Pro and Advanced users can run any A/B test inside LeadPages in just five clicks.

Do you have a LeadPage® like this one that you would like to test? If so, you can set up the exact same type of test in under a minute. You can also A/B test your body copy, images, calls-to-action, and just about any other change you can think of.

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  • Casey Pisano

    If I could only get this one stupid question answered…
    Excuse my ignorance but if I’m using leadpages for my business do I still need a website outside of leadpages?

    • Hi, Casey! Not a stupid question at all. 🙂

      Whether or not you use both LeadPages and a separate business website is up to you, and will depend on what you want your site to do. LeadPages does offer a number of “minisite” templates that let you put the content that would often appear on separate pages of a business site all on one page, complete with internal navigation links (and of course you can link different LeadPages together as well). I’ve seen many businesses successfully use a LeadPage as their homepage.

      The other option would be to have a separate business site and use LeadPages for specific promotions and campaigns in addition to that. For instance, if you were an e-commerce retailer with tons of products, or your business model involves producing and hosting a ton of content, a LeadPage would probably not work as a standalone site for you. In that case, one good option would be to build a more complex site with WordPress, then use the LeadPages WordPress plugin to publish landing pages directly to that site.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  • I chose B because as an artist myself, learning a strategy that worked in 2005 isn’t appealing because how do I know it will still work in 2015? So the broader headline is more appealing because it sounds like something that would work for me now.

    • John Nye

      Daniel, that is a great insight and I am glad you brought that up. Although detailed information (such as the example here) tends to provide the visitor with a little more clarity, it can also be counterproductive in some cases. In this test, you nailed in on the head!

  • I chose A. Good grief – this is really making it clear that no matter what I may think would work better, it’s not up to me!

    • John Nye

      Keely, through your pain, you raise a great point. When it comes to A/B testing, many people feel they already know what will work best for their site. But, as you just shared, it is not up to us (the marketer). Luckily, A/B testing allows us to find out what our customers like with very little risk. 🙂

      • PAIN! – lol 🙂

        • John Nye

          No pain, no gain Keely! haha 🙂