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Transcript: Hi, my name is Clay Collins, co-founder here at LeadPages, and today, I’m bringing you something from the LeadPages conversion labs. We’re going to talk about the anatomy of a landing page that converted in one instance at 72%, and we’re going to talk about the page that we’re releasing today to you for free that you can download in just a second that we believe will beat this page that converted at 72%.

So here’s the story behind this. A while ago, this guy, Ryan Deiss, purchased LeadPages. Now he is the president of Idea Incubator and runs a blog called Driving Traffic, which is a great marketing blog and runs a program called Digital Marketer, which we subscribed to integrate place for getting digital marketing knowledge. Ryan does split test and conversion testing as extensively as anyone I know, and he’s definitely someone I’ve always looked up to in terms of the testing that he does. And shortly after he purchased LeadPages, I saw him deploy this Webinar registration page, and frankly, I was a little worried. I was worried that our page would not do as well as it had for us, but I really wanted it to work well for them. So I kind of crossed my fingers. Shortly after deploying this page, he sent this email to his list. He said, “A few weeks ago, I held a webinar, and the registration page converted at 72%. This was, by far, the highest converting landing page I’ve ever tested. Confession: I didn’t design it and neither did my web master, but I was able to make it in about 3 minutes using LeadPages, and we were really thrilled with this result.” And today, I want to break down toward the anatomy behind the page that he used. Again, this is the page he used. We’re going to talk about why it worked, we’re going to talk about how it works, and we’re going to talk about the steps that we’ve taken here at LeadPages labs to beat the conversion rate that he saw on this page.

Let’s talk about why this page converts. Well, the first reason that it converts so well is that it simply uses the best knowledge we have about conversion design. Everything from the colors to the text to the location of the buttons and the colors of the buttons and everything is designed around best conversion practice. I’m sure you’ve seen traditional webinar registration pages like this that are provided by companies like GoToWebinar. They’re ugly, they don’t convert well, and by simply creating a compelling, well-designed webinar registration page, you can increase conversions.

The second reason why the page converted well is that it has a two-step opt-in process, and what I mean by that is that when you arrive at this page, you don’t immediately see the opt-in box. You only see the opt-in box when you click on ‘Claim my spot now.’ And this really forces the decision that brings the decision of whether or not you want to opt in or not to ahead. I’ve posted extensively about the two-step opt-in process and why it leads to greater conversions, and rather than belabor this point, I’m going to just link to an article below that talks about two-step conversions and why they work. In many cases, you can get a 25% to 50% increase in your conversion rate simply by moving from a single-step opt-in process to a two-step opt-in process.

A third reason why this template converts so well is that it only requires an email address. All things considered, the more fields you asked for the lower your conversion rate will be. Again, most webinar registration page templates asks for a first name, last name, and email address, but by only asking for an email address you can get a higher conversion rate. The fourth reason why this template converts so well is simply because Ryan used good copy. However for LeadPages customers, our templates all come with proven tested copy that you can modify and use in your own business. We pre-populate every template with great copy.

Anyway, based on the great success that Ryan has had with this template and a number of our customers have had with this template, we created two new webinar registration page templates which we believe are going to beat the pants off of our previous design. One of these webinar registration page templates is for webinars with one host. The other one is for webinars with two hosts. Let’s say you’re doing an affiliate promotion, and you do a webinar with someone to their list, this is the page you’d use. Here, you can see how one of our clients, Taki Moore, is using this new page. It has many of the elements that worked in the previous template, but we’ve drastically improved the design in a way that we believe is going to increase conversions, and by the way, if you’re a LeadPages customer and you want to run a split test on your audience, get back to us with those results and we will feature them on the marketing show.

For LeadPages customers, you can customize these templates like you would any other landing page available inside of LeadPages. Let’s just go ahead and select this template. As you can see, you can replace the picture with your picture. You can swap out

text. You can integrate it with your email service provider. You can also deploy this in minutes using WordPress or your own server or you can host it through us. I also want to note that this template is mobile responsive, so as it shrinks and gets smaller, the page conforms so it is very, very mobile friendly. If you are a LeadPages customer, it’s available in LeadPages immediately. If you are not a LeadPages customer, and you’re technically inclined and want to implement this on your own and do the integration yourself and integrate it with WordPress yourself and do all that stuff, it’s available for download below.

My name is Clay Collins, co-founder of the LeadPages, and thank you so much for watching this episode.

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  • George Huss

    Hi Clay,

    Thanks for the episode. Quick question on the LeadPages product. Is this a stand alone theme or do you need Genesis or Thesis theme to make it work?


    • Hi George,

      LeadPages isn’t a WordPress theme . . . although the pages created with LeadPages do work with WordPress via our plugin.

      You can use LeadPages with or without Genesis or Thesis, and with or without WordPress for that matter.

      Warm regards,

      • George Huss

        Plugin! Got-it. Does it work with Optimize Press?

        • LeadPages is not a WordPress plugin, although there is a LeadPages WordPress plugin for publishing your LeadPages with WordPress. And yes, LeadPages works with all WordPress themes, including OptimizePress.

          Warm regards,

          • Hi Clay,

            Just want to confirm; you must be a LeadPages customer to have access to Your WordPress Plugin that makes LeadPages work right; or can you direct us to the plugin.

          • Hi Yvon,

            LeadPages is a paid product. There is not “plugin to make LeadPages work right” . . . LeadPages always works right (well, unless somebody finds a big). But we do have a WordPress plugin available to LeadPages customers.

            Warm regards,

          • George Huss

            Thanks Clay!
            I’ll check it out.
            Keep up the good work!

  • Clay, by any chance are you going to have a normal html version of this like most every other landing page? I would love to use this in combination with the order form landing page. The order form landing page is fricking brilliant!

  • MR

    How do you suggest we get the 2 step optin popup with using wordpress? Is there a plugin someone can recommend that will work with wordpress?

    • If you want to use this page with WordPress you can purchase LeadPages at http://www.LeadPages.net

      Warm regards,

      • mr

        Im just looking for the optin popup like you use in your video. I dont need the entire package… anyone know of a wordpress plugin that can do this?

  • Can’t wait to test this page. 77% here I come!

  • We also got 70%+ conversion with that template :). I guess that means my copy is as good as Ryan Deiss’ hehehe (can’t blame me for dreaming, right?).

    • Awesome! Congrats and thanks for sharing. Thanks a ton.


  • LeadPages & Adwords Compliancy; I noticed that your templates are very visually appealing however if I were to use them as a landing page on Adwords they would get flagged for Google’s “Information Harvesting Policy” because they don’t have “Product Page” or “About Me Pages” that show my business sells products & services. Having those pages visible prove that the website sole purpose is NOT to ‘harvest’ info. How do I add buttons across the top of my LeadPage to make it PPC compliant? Thanks.

    • Yes! You can put a navigation footer at the bottom of the page to make these pages AdWords complaint. No problem.