5 Ways To Use LeadPages for an Affiliate Launch

By Amy Porterfield of www.amyporterfield.com

Have you ever experienced love at first sight? You see that person across the room. You lock eyes, and in that moment you just know it’s meant to be?

Well, if LeadPages was a hot-blooded man, my husband would have some serious competition — because I fell in love with this tool instantly.

I knew from the second I discovered LeadPages that my email list was going to see some serious growth. From day one of using LeadPages, that’s exactly what happened.

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I’ve used LeadPages for my product launches, live webinars, trainings, sales page, free giveaways, and thank you pages. You name it, I’ve used it.

But just recently, I started using this tool for something completely different. It’s really upped my game.

Currently, I’m using LeadPages for a product launch — that is not my own.

Same Powerful Results, Just Not My Product

Before I tested using LeadPages for an affiliate launch, I assumed that my results would not be as powerful as when I was launching my own product.

Let me tell you, I was dead wrong. When it comes to launching my partners’ products, LeadPages has been a huge asset to say the least.

The way I see it, if I am going to be a strategic partner for a top-notch product, I need to look like it. For instance, I can’t create a bonus package that will teach my audience how to market their own products if my own marketing is less than stellar.

That’s why I looked to LeadPages to streamline the entire process.

Today I am going to share with you how I have built my entire affiliate launch funnel using LeadPages in just five steps.

The Product And Why I Became An Affiliate

When I was first getting my business off the ground in early 2010, I went through Marie Forleo’s B-School.

It was around this time that everything started to change for me. Since then, I can trace most of my success back to what I learned in Marie’s program.

Marie Forleo describes her B-School program like this: “This curriculum based training program teaches smart, effective online marketing strategies to business owners who want more sales and more impact from their online presence.”

Good stuff, right? As a former student, you can see why I wanted to become an affiliate and promote this product launch. LeadPages made the entire process much simpler.

How I Created This Affiliate Launch Funnel

Below I have outlined the entire affiliate promotion funnel.

My goal here is to help you see how a tool like LeadPages can deliver you stellar results while representing your brand in the most professional way possible. That’s important when you are selling anything, but especially a big-ticket program like B-School.

Step 1: Create My Own B-School Focused Webinar

First, I decided to host my own webinar for this launch. I created my own webinar because B-School is a sizable investment, so I wanted to make sure my audience had plenty of time to ask me questions about B-School before enrolling.

Also, I regularly host webinars for my own programs, so I knew a webinar would likely be a success.

Here’s the truth: I am not a technical person. In fact, you might even say I have a deficiency of the “tech gene” that most entrepreneurs possess.

In the past, creating a webinar registration page was a huge headache for me. It often derailed me from getting my registration page up in time so I could fill my webinar funnel.

Where I often got stuck was designing the registration page and then integrating that page with GoToWebinar and InfusionSoft. But this time, this Web 3.0 Registration Page from LeadPages solved all those issues for me.

Here’s the webinar page I created for my upcoming B-School webinar. Ever since I started using countdown timers on my registration pages like this one, my conversions have spiked.

I also like how I can add a little extra copy under my image to the right to personalize the page even more.

I solved all my design and tech issues by using this Web 3.0 Webinar Registration Page (with countdown timer) inside LeadPages to create this webinar page.
I solved all my design and tech issues by using this Web 3.0 Webinar Registration Page (with countdown timer) inside LeadPages to create this webinar page.

Step 2: Create a “Thank You for Registering” Page

One of the biggest challenges with live webinars is that potential attendees will sign up for them but not show up live.

I’ve been doing webinars for almost four years now, so I can tell you that the attendees who show up live and participate get the biggest results. I’ve seen it happen over and over again.

To encourage attendees to actually show up for the webinar, I created a thank you page that attendees received as soon as they registered for this webinar.

On this thank you page, I created a short video to let attendees know that they are officially registered and remind them of the importance of showing up live.

A great feature of this thank you page: You can ask the person who just signed up for your webinar to “like” you on your Facebook Fan Page.

This is ideal because then you can remind registrants about your upcoming webinar on Facebook. If you can show up in your registrants’ Facebook News Feed, they have a much greater chance of showing up for your webinar.

I used the thank you page template inside LeadPages to create this page. This particular thank you page has been known to increase conversions by 100% or more.
I used the thank you page template inside LeadPages to create this page. This particular thank you page has been known to increase conversions by 100% or more.

Step 3: Set Up LeadLinks for 100% Conversion

  • Goal: To make it as easy as possible for my email list to register for my webinar.
  • LeadPages Tool: LeadLinks

If you already have an email list, there’s no need to ask your subscribers to give their email addresses again when they register for your webinars.

Adding extra steps in your registration process will only mean less conversions. The LeadPages tool, LeadLinks allows you to give your subscribers as few steps as possible to sign-up for your webinar.

This is an awesome feature.

With LeadLinks, you can generate a unique link to register existing subscribers for your webinar. When your subscribers click on this unique link in your emails, that person is instantly registered for your webinar and tagged in your email system. (No need for that person to opt-in again.)

For this launch, I created the webinar registration page I mentioned above so I could drive social media traffic to it. Then I used LeadLinks to market this webinar to my own list, so my own subscribers could register for my webinar as easily as possible.

Again, the webinar registration page is still an important piece of the funnel because I drive all social media traffic directly to that page. So you don’t want to skip that step when you start using LeadLinks. You want to use both!

Here’s an example of the email I will be sending out to my list to fill up my upcoming webinar. One click and they are registered.

By using LeadLinks, my subscribers can register instantly for my webinar by simply clicking the link in this email.
By using LeadLinks, my subscribers can register instantly for my webinar by simply clicking the link in this email.

Step 4: Set Up a Webinar Replay Page

  • Goal: Make sure everyone signed up for my webinar has a chance to see it.
  • LeadPages Template: Webinar Replay

As mentioned, I strongly believe that you get more value from a webinar if you show up live. But I also know sometimes it’s just not possible to attend a webinar. To support my audience, I always send out a replay for those who missed it.

I created a replay page for this webinar using the Webinar Replay page inside LeadPages. This particular template features a countdown timer, so you can tell your subscribers how long the webinar (or your product) will be available.

This is especially important if you’re selling an affiliate product that is only available until a certain date. In this case, the doors for enrollment on B-School close on March 5th and Marie only offers it once a year.

So adding a countdown provides urgency and informs my subscribers of this approaching deadline.

Another feature that works extremely well on this template is the yellow button below the video. In my webinar I will be telling my audience about the bonus package I created to support their B-School experience. The link below the webinar replay video is a direct link to my B-School Bonus page.

On this Webinar Replay page, I included a link to my bonus that I’m giving away when my subscribers enroll in B-School through my link to this Webinar Replay page.
On this Webinar Replay page, I included a link to my bonus that I’m giving away when my subscribers enroll in B-School through my link to this Webinar Replay page.

Step 5:  Capture Leads from my B-School Bonus Page

  • Goal: Since B-School is not open yet, this ensures I can capture the names and emails of anyone interested in my bonus for this program.
  • LeadPages Tool: LeadBoxes

Now speaking of my B-School Bonus page, this year I did a few things a bit different. First, I created a well-designed bonus page so that it would align with Marie’s impeccable branding of her B-School launch.

Second, I went live with this bonus page before B-School was actually open. In her pre-launch videos, Marie does not hide the fact that she is promoting a program, even though she has not yet opened the doors.

Marie was already talking about B-School, so it was important for me to let my audience know about the bonus experience I have specifically designed to support the program.

My challenge: I designed this great bonus page with a bunch of yellow buttons to encourage my subscribers to enroll in the program. But at this moment, the program was not live, so I couldn’t link to a sales page.

That’s when I took advantage of another LeadPages tool — LeadBoxes.

If you’ve never heard of LeadBoxes, it’s by far my favorite feature that LeadPages has to offer.

I used a LeadBox on my bonus page to capture email names. This allowed me to build a list of subscribers who were interested in Marie’s B-School launch, while adding value to my audience as they explored the B-School program.

Below is a snapshot of my B-School Bonus page. When subscribers click on the yellow button, you can see a LeadBox pops up to capture email addresses before the program is officially available on February 19th. 

On my bonus page, I linked my yellow buy button to a LeadBox to capture email names before this B-School program is officially available to buy.

One More Thank You Page

Once someone opts-in, I created yet another thank you page with LeadPages to assure my new subscriber that I officially have them on the list. (It’s important to give your new subscriber a heads up that the form worked and they are good to go!)

For this specific thank you page, I used the “Thanks for Signing Up” template. Notice that I include a link back to my B-School Bonus page so they can continue to look around.

I used the “Thanks for Signing Up” template inside LeadPages for this thank you page.
I used the “Thanks for Signing Up” template inside LeadPages for this thank you page.

A Little Something Extra

My business is built around teaching Facebook marketing, so I could not resist the urge to tell you how I increased all my marketing efforts with a little extra Facebook strategy that I added to the mix.

To expand my reach beyond my email list, I use Facebook Ads to drive traffic to the beginning of my funnel to my webinar registration page.

Specifically, I use Page Post ads in the News Feed only to reach more of my ideal audience. To eliminate any brand confusion, Marie only allows her affiliates to promote to their own fan base, so this ad below has been targeted to my Facebook fans only

However, if you were thinking of running Page Post ads to one of your LeadPages, you can take advantage of Facebook’s laser-targeting opportunities in the ads dashboard. This way, you can ensure your ad is only seen by the fans who will be genuinely interested in what you are promoting.

This little extra step is extremely powerful when done right!

Here’s a quick example of one of my News Feed ads that I’m using for this affiliate launch.
Here’s a quick example of one of my News Feed ads that I’m using for this affiliate launch.

So there you have it. My hope is that you can take some of my affiliate launch examples and use them to boost your own business and maybe even your next affiliate launch.

I’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and let me know if you have any questions.

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 5.34.59 PMAbout the Author: Amy Porterfield is creator of the top-rated podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy and the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies. After an inspiring stint working with both Harley Davidson and Tony Robbins, Amy figured out what she really loves: helping small business owners break down BIG, powerful strategies into step-by-step actions…so you can see BIG results fast. She currently lives in beautiful Carlsbad, CA with her husband and son.

  • Blaine Hadlock

    Great post Amy. I like the way you walk through the process step-by-step. I am also a Lead Pages customer and find their platform without peer. You also helped me with an earlier post where you walked through your online tools one by one. I have adopted several from that list, including Wishlist. Did you purchase Lead Player before they took it off the market?

    • Hi, @blainehadlock:disqus ! So happy to hear you found this post valuable. Thanks for taking the time to let me know. Unfortunately I did not get my hands on LeadPlayer – dang it! But I heard it was a FANTASTIC tool 😉

  • Lenny

    #MindBlown Amy! Thanks for sharing such a gem of a post. Much success.

    • hahaha – that cracked me up, @elramirez:disqus. You just made my day!

  • Jarrod Cothron

    Great post Amy! I’m in the process of building a new sales funnel and this really helped alot. Love it!

  • Peter Cutforth

    Wow Amy and LP! You would pay good money for far less useful reports and case studies than this! Amy don’t spose you feel like telling us your:
    – av CPC on your news feed ads
    – average conversion rate to opt-in?

    Awesome case study and thanks so much for being so transparent with your marketing, which I guess is good marketing for you anyway LOL!

    • Hi, @petercutforth:disqus – Thanks for such a nice compliment. When I run Facebook ads to my own automated webinars, my cost per lead is anywhere from $0.35 (if I am targeting my FB fans exclusively) up to $0.60 if I am going after non-fans. Now that is really low because I have been working at it for so long – so if you are paying even up to $3.00- $4.00 per lead, you are doing really well. For this affiliate launch, I’ve been paying between $3-$4.50 per lead. The reason why it’s been so much higher for me is because I am marketing a program that is not my own AND there are a lot of people promoting it – so the competition is higher. But because the price point of the product is higher ($2K) I am happy to pay more for quality leads 😉 As for my conversion rates, again, they will never be as high as my own webinars – so for this launch, I have seen around 35-45%. I am also happy with this because I am attracting a very specific person to my B-School live webinar and only want to attract people that are seriously interested in the program. So when I do a live webinar for my own content, I get around 4,000+ people signed up for this webinar because the topic is much broader (usually Facebook marketing) and it is my own content. For this affiliate launch, it’s around 1,100 per webinar, but it’s a much more specific niche I am focusing on. I tell you all of this because when it’s an affiliate launch, your numbers are likely to be less – but that’s just the name of the game!

      • Peter Cutforth

        Thanks again for being so open. 0.35 to 0.60 per lead?? or per click? Even $3 to $4/lead seems really economical – good on you. I guess the fact that you’re promoting to your own fans, so they know and trust you makes a big difference.

        If you were promoting that offer to a general audience who didn’t know you, say using custom audiences, would you typically see your lead cost rise?

  • I love how easy it is too. My question is about affiliates. What software do you use to track affiliate commissions that need to be paid out on your other products?

    • I use Infusionsoft, @mykellyf:disqus – they have a great affiliate interface. Thanks for taking the time to check out my post!

      • Thank you for your response Amy. I hear infusionsoft is very difficult to use and also very expensive. Do you know of any other options besides infusion soft and clickbank?

  • Strong post Amy!

    I appreciated the detailed breakdown too.

    You might correct the word “me to my” on your webinar
    registration hyperlink shown above.

    “Click here to instantly register for me live webinar…”
    “Click here to instantly register for MY list webinar…”

    I think it flows a bit better don’t you?

    Remember… be a servant,

    Cory Boatright

    • @coryboatright:disqus – I know it’s likely easy to find, but I can’t figure out where this typo is located! Can you help me understand?

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    You rock, Amy.

    • Ha! Thanks, @jgarma:disqus – thanks for taking the time to check it out.

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  • Julie Gordon White

    Awesome as always Amy! I guess I better finally become a LP customer too 🙂
    Thx again, Julie

    • @juliegordonwhite:disqus – YES! YES! YES! Best tool around 😉

  • Thanks Amy. I have just started with LeadPages and this will really help in putting my sales funnels in place.

    • @recruitpack:disqus! I am so happy to hear that. Good luck as you dive in 😉

  • Tom Fairhall

    Thanks Amy thanks for outlining everything so simply, this post is evernoted and my VA will be having a good look over it, GOLD again for Amy Porterfield at the IM Olympics 🙂

  • Lisa Rothstein

    This is a great post! Do LeadLinks and the webinar countdown page work even if you are not using GoToWebinar? I don’t like that service and am not a customer. If not, what would be a good workaround in LP for registering people on a webinar in say Instant Teleseminar or Webinar Jam and still use this basic model?

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Hi Lisa, Our support team would be happy to show you how to work with other webinar systems outside of GoToWebinar. If you’re already a customer, you can submit a support ticket about this from inside the members area of LeadPages. ~Kat, Blog Editor @ LeadPages

  • John

    Hi Amy, what tool are you using for the count down timer?

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Hi John, I can answer that one for you. Those particular templates inside LeadPages come with their own countdown timers. So you don’t need any outside tools to use them. ~Kat, Blog Editor @ LeadPages

  • Maggie Percy

    Wow, this is terrific! Thanks so much for sharing it!

    • Kat Von Rohr

      Thanks for the kind words Maggie! I’ll be sure to pass your compliments onto Amy. 🙂 ~Kat, Blog Editor @ LeadPages