Landing Page Roundup: Our Top 10 Favorite Pages from September 2016

The 10 Best Landing Pages We Found in September 2016

I just checked, and I can confirm: it’s been an objectively gloomy month here in Minneapolis. (24 mostly-cloudy days in September so far.) So maybe it’s no surprise that the 10 best landing pages our team collected this month are exceptionally vivid.

That means bright (but always on-brand) colors. It means unexpected imagery. Sometimes, it just means a bit of extra personality that makes you lean a little closer toward your screen.

And all of those things make for a landing page that really stands out from any similar offers visitors might have encountered. These 10 pages are likely to be better at engaging customers than the competition, and better at sticking in their memory even if those customers don’t buy right away.

Of course, you can make any Leadpage as bright or subdued as you like, but if you are looking to punch up your pages, the default styling in most of the templates seen here gives you a great start. Take advantage of proven layouts and color combos by downloading a free pack of six landing page templates used in this post, including:

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How Drew McLellan Generated $100K in Profit Using Podcasting


Our Guest:

Drew McLellan is the owner of and has run Agency Management Institute for 21 years. His agency is a support system/organization that teaches marketing, PR, and digital agency owners how to run their businesses better. He and his team help optimize agency operations and teach agency owners how to run the backend of their business in order to be more profitable.

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Should Your Business Really Have a Blog? (And What Should Go on It?)

What Should Really Go on Your Business's Blog?

Does your business have a blog?

If the answer is no, maybe one of these reasons rings a bell …

“I’m not sure we could find the resources—or that it’d be worthwhile if we did.”

“We tried it, but it was hard to justify the time when we couldn’t really measure the ROI.”

“Honestly, the CEO isn’t much of a writer. And I know no one would be interested in hearing from me—I’m just a midlevel marketing manager.”

“I work in a pretty buttoned-up industry. We don’t want to give away our secrets or let people look behind the scenes. Otherwise, what would clients pay us for?”

“Ugh, don’t remind me. And please don’t click the ‘Blog’ link on our website. The same 6 posts have sat there since 2009, and I’ve been meaning to do something about it since 2013.”

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How Gabby Wallace Added 25K New Email Subscribers with YouTube




Our Guest:

Gabby Wallace is a video marketing expert, especially in the world of Youtube. She built her own business, Go Natural English, seven years ago on Youtube based off of her background as an english language teacher. She runs a website for her business as well at

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